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Nacon PS4 Game Controller Review

Nacon PS4 Game Controller Review, Price, and Features

For those who swear by the wired, which is undoubtedly reminiscent of the golden age of video games, when it started to become popular, the Nacon PS4 Game Controller is a must-try to try at least once. It has all the features worthy of a state-of-the-art model, with the additional cable. Let’s take a look ob the Nacon PS4 Game Controller Review in detail. The positioning of the hands is not always pleasant, and the sticks can be difficult to use.


Nacon PS4 Game Controller Review

The Nacon PS4 controller gives pleasure to find an old-fashioned atmosphere but much less compared to the general ergonomics of certain buttons.


Design and Ergonomics

To give each gamer what they need to express themselves easily and without restraint in this universe, you have to put the right accessories in their hands. The advent of PS4 controllers heralded the epic era of video games in all their power.

These days are far from over, even if other alternatives such as virtual reality and the equipment that goes with it are developing at great speed. To confirm this situation, the Nacon PS4 controller adopts the oldest structure of this control accessory, namely wired mode.

To begin with, the product is delivered to you in packaging combining a box and a blister pack, to recall the vintage packaging style used in a not-so-distant era. Accusing a weight of 312 grams on the scale, it, therefore, ensures a rather reliable solidity, as well as serious manufacturing quality, if only for the choice of plastic of good quality for the hull.

The matte black color also adds a layer to this impression, confirmed by the soft-touch principle with which the manufacturer has endowed it. Regarding the size, this equipment stands out from the other models by choosing to reduce itself a little compared to them. Indeed, it measures 15.3 cm in length, 9.6 cm in width, and 6 cm in thickness.


Control Technology

For lovers of the era of old consoles with rough renderings, and especially kilometers of extended cables tangled all over the place between the sofa and the television set, the Nacon PS4 controller seems to propel you towards these remote times. It gives you the advantage of enjoying this atmosphere, with the disorder, but above all the inconvenience and less. Indeed, it is supplied as standard with a USB cable with a length of 3 meters, which will save you the little recommended tinkering for signal loss.

You will also benefit from greater freedom of movement, certainly much less than wireless models, but still with an atmosphere that will engrave good memories during multiplayer games on a pleasant game.

Like many of its competitors, this control accessory puts at your fingertips the two connectivity systems available, namely analog mode and its digital parallel. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you the most since each of these two paths has each of its strengths and weaknesses. But this difference is observed especially according to the games to which you lend yourself, the latest to date being much more practical and easier with digital manipulation.

Additional Features

The first detail that stands out with the Nacon PS4 controller is that it has all the capabilities of Sony’s Dual Shock 4 TM, but with a high cost and less. As it is a substitute product, it puts forward some interesting arguments which could justify your choice on it. You can for example note the presence of a touchpad, although it is a 100% wired accessory. This configuration gives you, among other things, the possibility of having fun with recent games without suffering from the signal transmission delays that can be encountered with analog.

On the other hand, the presence of vibration motors to bring back the retroactive effects of knocks, shocks or explosions is also an innovation that the first generations of controllers did not offer. In addition, an LED indicator allows you to easily check if you are properly connected to your console, and that the function keys are all operational.

Finally, one of the advantages of wired that wireless cannot dispute is characterized by the absence of recharging. As soon as the device is plugged in, you can play, without worrying about the battery draining and having to interrupt a game at a strategic moment.



As a clone or almost of the Sony product, the Nacon PS4 controller is mainly aimed at all owners of the PS4 console. This accessory will show you its capabilities in a multiplayer session if you do not have the budget to equip yourself with several Dual Shock PS4s and please everyone.

In addition, its plug-and-play mode saves you from any conditions relating to the installation or activation of certain features. You just have to plug it in for the PS4 console to recognize it instantly. Best of all, as this is not an exclusive product for this type of gameplay, you can use it on other platforms. As an example, you will derive full satisfaction from using it with a PC.


Getting started

The first advantage of the Nacon PS4 controller can be considered a snap for gamers with small hands. In comparison to the standard dimensions, it actually comes in a much smaller size. This situation could penalize those who have large hands because the handling can then be not very ergonomic. The buttons are much closer to each other which could require additional effort in locating the controls.

In addition, fatigue can occur more quickly in long gaming sessions. However, if you have small hands, comfort is essential. Some gamers have noticed a decadent touch sensitivity with duration. Fortunately, the Soft-touch materialized by a peachy skin effect remains pleasant.

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