Natural Ways To Address Allergies In Dogs Instead Of Apoquel

Natural Ways To Address Allergies In Dogs Instead Of Apoquel

Natural Ways To Address Allergies In Dogs Instead Of Apoquel

Watching your pet struggle to deal with uncontrollable itching and becoming increasingly restless and anxious is difficult. But using strong drugs like Apoquel to treat the issue may lead to severe side effects, causing more harm to your dog than good in the long run. Moreover, medications like these typically address the symptoms rather than the root cause, potentially offering no help.

Fortunately, pet parents can choose an effective natural alternative to Apoquel to prevent unpleasant and dire side effects. These remedies are safe for all breeds, helping people make life easier and more comfortable for their beloved pets.

Refer to the ensuing list of some top ways you can deal with allergies in your canines instead of opting for potentially dangerous drugs.

Study Environmental Causes

There are many reasons giving potent chemicals to pets is an unwise idea. For one, studies show that Apoquel can hamper the immunity in dogs, leaving them susceptible to various infections, including critical ones like cancer.

So, instead of exposing your companion animal to such extreme risks, it is better to gauge if the allergic reaction is to an environmental cause. For instance, check if your canine reacts to a specific pollen or dust mites. Reducing exposure to these allergens and using drugs sparingly might help the issue.

Also, immunotherapy can help determine other triggers, enabling you to decide on a treatment plan with your veterinarian that best suits your pet.

Check if the Reaction is Due to an Infection

Flea allergies are common in many dogs, as are those caused by mites and other parasites. Some canines with thyroid issues become allergic to staph bacteria, a microscopic virus found on diverse surfaces. Knowing which triggers painful rashes and further severe skin irritation in your pet can help medical experts formulate an effective treatment plan.

An animal dermatologist can help alleviate the issue by scrapings and prescribing milder medications like supplements.

Consider Altering your Pet’s Diet

An elimination diet is a smart and effective way to tell if your canine’s skin reaction is due to a food source. In this process, you must remove everything that could be causing the adverse reaction and slowly introduce it one at a time to check your dog’s response. However, do this once the symptoms have subsided so that you understand which product is causing the reaction when introduced back into the diet.

Typically, common allergens in canines include beef, soy, chicken, eggs, corn, wheat, and dairy products. Some dogs may also be allergic to ready-to-eat treats, as they contain harmful preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and other chemical ingredients.

Try using CBD

A high-quality CBD product is an excellent natural alternative to Apoquel as it contains no chemicals and can be beneficial in myriad ways. It has a potent mix of powerful herbs with unmatched medicinal properties, fighting inflammation and chronic pain. Full-spectrum extracts are safe for regular use, causing little to no discomfort and side effects in your pet.

Moreover, buying hemp-infused oils, edibles, topicals, and tinctures from a reputable dealer will ensure you land high-quality products with no health risks. Finally, reputable suppliers often use home-grown plants to create potent albeit safe CBD products for pets with the assistance of qualified veterinarians and hemp experts.

Therefore, consider this a safe alternative to potent drugs with distressing consequences.

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