Nayanthara celebrating Onam with her boyfriend

Nayanthara celebrating Onam with her boyfriend

Photos of Lady Superstar Nayanthara and her boyfriend Vignesh Sivan celebrating Onam in Kerala have gone viral on social media. Onam, the most important festival of Kerala, is celebrated today by the people of Kerala all over the world. In this situation, the shooting has been stopped due to the corona environment, and the cinema industry is paralyzed at home.

The photos of Nayanthara flying with Vignesh Siva on a private flight from Chennai yesterday to celebrate Onam, who wanted to celebrate their traditional festival in Corona as well, went completely viral.

Meanwhile, the couple is celebrating Onam today at home in Kerala. Vignesh Sivan and Nayanthara in the traditional dress of Kerala celebrate Onam with love which has turned into the ‘Nayanthara’ festival.


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