Netflix Cancel the free trial offer in the US

Netflix is no longer Offering a 30-day Free Trial to the new Subscribers in the US

Netflix Cancel the free trial offer in the US which means Netflix no longer offers free trial in the US. Netflix has removed the ability of potential US subscribers to test the service with a free trial version. Netflix has decided to cancel this free trial offer for subscribers living in the United States as early as this month, but it is not the first time.

For several years now, in certain key markets for Netflix, this program is no longer relevant, the company is experimenting with the placement of demo versions of certain materials, as well as the development of its YouTube channel.

After the cancellation of the Netflix free trial offer, Netflix will test new types of promotions. The company recently launched a portal to watch several episodes of its most popular products for free.

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The Netflix solution is very different from our usual model of attracting new customers. At least the other streaming services rely on trial access. For example, Apple has just extended the initial free period for Apple TV + subscribers by three months, until February 2021.

Netflix will continue to look for other ways to grow its subscriber base. These experiments will continue until 2021. This news is particularly sad in our countries. In some countries in Europe, the trial period is no longer valid. The only thing Netflix can offer you is a small discount on your chosen plan for a month.