Netflix features a new web design

Netflix features a new web design

Netflix has grown into one of the largest content streaming platforms in the world and has undergone a number of changes and improvements over time. Now the Netflix service has released a new web design that you can hardly find among users outside of the US right now, but it will come for all of us.

Netflix has grown into one of the largest entertainment platforms in the world, and it has undergone a number of significant changes along the way. In fact, many of the biggest fans of the site may have not even been around long enough subscribers to realize that Netflix has started as a DVD rental by mail.

The company’s transition to the online streaming giant has seen many twists and turns, but the biggest change came in 2013 when Netflix began producing and broadcasting its own original content. These days, Netflix Originals are obviously the service’s biggest draw.

Netflix has just announced its release list for September 2020, and you’ll find an impressive 62 new original movies and series on the schedule for next month. Of course, August 2020 isn’t over yet and there are 60 different Netflix original movies on the roster this month.

If you tend to watch your favourite Netflix movies and series on the web version of the app rather than a smart TV app or mobile app, you’re going to notice something different in the days and weeks to come. That’s right, the Netflix site just got a pretty big overhaul that we think users are going to love.

The biggest change is in the way content pages are presented. In practice, the content does not appear on its own page, but the movies and series appear in an overlay above the main timeline. In particular, unlike the old design, in the new one, tapping on a thumbnail opens the overlay you see in the photos.

You can read the title, rate it, add it or remove it from the list. If you are watching in a series, you can scroll down to view the episodes. A little more scrolling and you’ll see a new section with similar content.

Finally, you can scroll to the bottom, where you’ll find the last two sections. The former contains a collection of trailers, special features, and other content that you may see. And below you will see the information about the movie or series you are watching. As mentioned above, it is currently available in America, it will soon make its global debut in the coming days.


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