Netflix signs a new documentary called The Social Dilemma

Netflix signs a new documentary called The Social Dilemma

Netflix signs a new documentary called The Social Dilemma. He points to the practices of social networks aimed at controlling the privacy of users. Former employees of the web giants join in telling the world the secrets of these platforms. They use technology and a strategy out of the ordinary to arouse a certain sometimes devastating interest in the public.  Much of this report, broadcast on Netflix since September 9, aims to convey a warning to viewers. The flip side is that there is a note of hypocrisy at the end of the documentary.

Stages accusing smartphones

Jeff Orlowski, the director of The Social Dilemma or Behind Our Smoke Screens, uses testimonials, fiction, and skits to convey a message: smartphones are addictive. A high-class family is obsessed with their cellphones in this film. One of its members is an exception. She does not let herself be trapped.

It is the only one who is fully aware of the risks presented by smartphones. Among the consequences of this abuse, denounced in this creation of Netflix, are the suicides often caused by depression among users, especially adolescents.


Social networks exploit our privacy

The entire documentary lasts about an hour and a half during which social networks are at the heart of the report. Among others, Snapchat is singled out for its role in body dysmorphia. Another staging: a teenager influenced by conspiratorial videos acts for political ends.

On the other hand, the ex-leaders of GAFA show their revealing opinions through various interviews. Tristan Harris is one of those experts. He worked at Google before. To his words are added those of a former Facebook employee, Chamath Palihapitiya.

Both emphasize the intervention of technology drawn from cryptology to convert users into real addicts. Moreover, it is a fact known to all. The most beloved social networks keep bringing new options that are supposed to improve the user experience.

All platforms without exception spy on user behavior in order to predict their decisions and their way of thinking. In the documentary, the recommendation system is brought to the forefront by using three men who control the contents of a smartphone without the knowledge of its young user.

The most to fear would be the geopolitical destabilizations conveyed by false information which tends to have more impact thanks to the influence of social networks. Thus, the intention of these engineers is to make users aware or to make them feel guilty, despite their obvious participation in this situation.

Parts that discredit the documentary

After more than an hour of convincing viewers about the misdeeds of social networks, the last minutes of the documentary are puzzling.

“The methods used to make people dependent and influence them may differ, and they probably are. But they were already different when the newspapers arrived, then the television. The idea that it would be worse now is far from a new idea, ”said an anonymous character in the film.

The director left this passage in the presentation without providing any additional explanation. In addition, no concrete solution seems to be found. The activities of the web giants will not be more formalized than now. No use limit is in sight. The icing on the cake, the documentary is linked to a specialized site whose goal is to popularize it through the same social networks stigmatized in its content.


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