Netflix plans to release more content next year than this year

Netflix plans to release more content next year than this year

Production is already gaining momentum in Europe and Asia, and in the US the process is much slower. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is confident that in 2021 the service will release more content, movies, and series of its own production than this year. However, he acknowledges that given the pandemic, which undoubtedly affects production, there will not be as many as previously predicted.

“We have a lot of plans for next year because we have a great selection of content,” Hastings said. There will be even more original content than this year, although not as much as we initially predicted. Production is already established in Europe and Asia. “

It is unclear exactly how many movies and series Netflix is ​​going to release this year. However, last year the company introduced 371 TV shows and movies in the United States.

“We are hoping for a vaccine so that we can return to more intensive work,” Hastings said, noting that the production of all studios was damaged during the pandemic.

At the moment, closed productions are gradually returning to work – among them, for example, “The Witcher 2”. And at the end of this month, the resumption of the filming process of the fourth season of “Strange Wonders” and “Red Message” is also expected.