Netflix Series Canceled and Renewed in 2022

Netflix Series Canceled and Renewed in 2022

List of Netflix Series Canceled and Renewed in 2022

Netflix has a catalog of very well-stocked series. But like every year, the American streaming platform sorts and decides which ones should continue or not. to this end, the fate of several Netflix series has already been decided this year. Discover our list of canceled Netflix series and renewed Netflix series in 2022.


Netflix Series Canceled in 2022

Either due to mixed reviews or low viewership, many 2022 TV series have been canceled by Netflix. If some were successful before declining, others were stopped after their first season.

  1. Another Life: the science fiction series only had one season.
  2. Bone: It was still in development, but platform issues got the better of it. This is an animated series.
  3. The Babysitters: The Family Comedy only had two seasons.
  4. How to Raise a Superhero: After Two Seasons.
  5. Pacific Rim: The Black: an animated series that had two seasons.
  6. Peaky Blinders: the original BBC series will not go beyond season 6. The story of the famous gang will be closed with a film.
  7. Pearl: same fate as Bone, canceled while in development.
  8. Pretty Smart: for the low audience, the comedy is canceled at the end of season 1.
  9. Space Force: an SF series that is canceled after two seasons.
  10. Moreover, Ozark will not be renewed beyond season 4. The series is naturally over.


Netflix Series Renewed in 2022

Like the canceled 2022 TV series, many Netflix series are renewed in 2022. Here is their list.

  1. Arcane: this animated series is renewed for a second season after rave reviews on season 1.
  2. In the shade of the magnolias: the romance is renewed for a season 3.
  3. Big Mouth: the adventure continues for the 7th season.
  4. The Bridgerton Chronicle: the historical-drama series will continue its adventure for a 3rd and 4th season on Netflix.
  5. Chesapeake Shores: the adaptation of Sherryl Woods has been renewed for season 6.
  6. Cobra Kai: renewed for a 5th season.
  7. The Crown: despite the controversy, the historic series is renewed for a 5th and 6th season.
  8. The heart has its reasons: a 9th season is coming.
  9. The Cuphead Show! : the adaptation of the eponymous video games is renewed after a successful season 1.
  10. Destiny: The Winx Saga: Season 2 is coming.
  11. Derry Girls: Season 3 is starting soon.
  12. Emily In Paris: due to its success, the series will have a 3rd and 4th season.
  13. Elite: the sulfurous Spanish series is renewed for a season 6.
  14. Ginny & Georgia: the comedy-drama should have a season 6. It has been renewed.
  15. Heartstopper: the romantic comedy centered on Charlie and Nick is renewed for a season 2 and 3.
  16. Human Resources: This is the Big Mouth spin-off. It is renewed for season 2.
  17. Locke & Key: the adventure continues for season 3 of Locke’s children.
  18. Love, Death + Robots: the animated series will have a season 3.
  19. Manifest: The NBC original series will have a season 4.
  20. My first time: it is renewed for a season 4.
  21. Outer Banks: the action-adventure series has been renewed for a 3 rd season.
  22. Outlander: a season 7 would not be bad for this hit series.
  23. Who is lying? : the thriller for teens is not ready to stop. It is renewed for season 3.
  24. Riverdale: original series on The CW, Riverdale has not yet revealed its secret. Maybe in this 7th season.
  25. Sex Education: the hit series will have a 4th season.
  26. Sex/Life: is it its plot or its sex scenes that amaze the audience? This erotic series will know like season 2.
  27. Shadow and Bone: did you like the adventures of the Kingdom of Ravka? They continue with the 2nd season.
  28. Snowpiercer: the post-apocalyptic series will know its season 4.
  29. Squid Game: the South Korean series is renewed for season 2. This should perhaps not happen any time soon.
  30. Stranger Things: with a season 4 announced with great fanfare, it makes sense that a season 5 is scheduled.
  31. Sweet Tooth: renewed for season 2.
  32. Titans: The Superhero Series has been renewed for Season 4.
  33. Always There For You: The drama series is set to get a 2nd season.
  34. Umbrella Academy: renewed for a season 3.
  35. Vikings: Valhalla: After a well-received season 1, the new Vikings series is renewed for a 3rd and 4th season.
  36. Virgin River: renewed for seasons 4 and 5.
  37. The Witcher: after two good seasons, The Witcher has been renewed for a third season. It is already filming, by the way.
  38. You: the adventures of the serial killer continue in season 4.



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