Netflix Top 10 Best Original Creations

Netflix Top 10 Best Original Creations

If like me, you’re logged into Netflix a lot, you might think you’ve seen it all. Think again! Because of the creations found on Netflix, there are some that are not very highlighted by the platform. Here below we have mentioned the Netflix top 10 best Original Documentaries and creations which you would love to watch.  As such, I strongly urge you to follow Netflix on social media, many of the things featured below are creations that Netflix shared on Twitter that I would have completely missed out on. You will see many competitions and documentaries in this selection, but in areas not always high profile.

  1. Hyperdrive

The program produced among others by Charlize Theron, we are entitled to a drift/racing competition in Fast and Furious mode in a huge industrial complex. We will find participants from Brazil, the USA, Germany, France, Japan… in short, from all over the world. We will find as well guys who have 4 jobs as a multimillionaire with his Lamborghini at 200,000 dollars. Very American achievement: it is the permanent suspense to know who will be the big winner of this visually impressive competition.


2. In glass and against all

Another competition visible on the streaming platform, we are entitled here to a highlighting of a relatively unknown discipline, that of glassblowers. Ten glassblowers will compete around new themes in each episode to determine who will be the best and leave with a contract at $ 60,000 in a famous glass museum.


3. Street Food (Asia and Latin America)

Be careful, don’t watch this series when you are hungry! Through 2 seasons between Asia and Latin America, we will discover the “street food” culture of several countries of these continents. The images are sublime, the stories behind the people who are interviewed are always incredible. We are far from Parisian palaces but each time we discover warm cuisines and smiling and welcoming chefs.


4. World’s Most Wanted

In this series of episodes, we uncover some of the world’s most sought after profiles by the FBI and a plethora of other institutions around the world. Terrorists, mafia boss, drug lord, genocidaire… We are presented with their history, their misdeeds, and all that the investigators have tried to do to find them in vain for the moment (well almost).


5. Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny

In this series of 2 seasons for the moment we follow the 2018 and 2019 seasons of Formula 1. We meet several teams and drivers and we discover the sometimes tense relations between the drivers of the same team. We will see the secret negotiations between teams to recover a pilot. Really very interesting, engaging, and extremely well filmed, we are plunged into the heart of a highly competitive and dangerous environment!

6. Speedcubing: the duel

This little forty-minute documentary plunges us into the Rubik’s Cube competitions and the great rivalry and friendship between two competitors: Max Park and Feliks Zemdegs. Max is also autistic and the cube world has been a great help for him and his parents in channeling the boy.


7. The drug business

This mini-series focuses on the business side of drugs. How the money that circulates in all directions around cocaine, pills, cannabis… impacts the world around us. We will also see the violent consequences that certain products such as opiates, a real scourge in the USA, can have.


8. The Last Dance

You have probably already heard of this series which focuses on the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan and the world of the NBA in general in the 90s. Archive images, interviews, everything is unpacked and beautifully produced to present this universe to us. so particular which owes much of its popularity in our European lands to Michael Jordan.


9. Ready for the extreme

This completely crazy series plunges us into the heart of the BattlBox company, which tests several survival tools and then offers them to its customers in subscription boxes. Whether it is to fight against fire, explosions, natural disasters: they test everything THE AMERICAN WAY. It’s done in a very American way, but it’s great and we discover a good number of products and tools that are interesting enough to survive at any time and in any situation.

10. Brews Brothers

This time, it’s a super fun work of fiction that is offered to us with an area just as original as what was presented to you previously: beer brewing. We are going to follow two very opposed brothers who will have to unite in adversity to save the brewery of one of the brothers and make it prosper. You will come out with a big smile after watching this first season, undeniably!