Netflix unveils the first trailer of Alien World a docu-fiction series

Netflix unveils the first trailer of Alien World a docu-fiction series

Hollywood science fiction movies and series have always shown us an alien world available on Netflix, populated by being like Yoda. But is life beyond planet Earth possible? If so, what does it look like?

These are all questions that Netflix is ​​trying to answer with its docu-fiction series. Available only on the platform, Extraterrestrial Worlds focuses on the lives of the inhabitants of the galaxy.

Netflix Alien World Series Trailer 

The extraterrestrial worlds: when we apply the terrestrial frame of reference to the galaxy
Science has already shown that beyond Planet Earth there are many other planets.

But what she has not yet managed to prove to us is whether or not these planets are inhabited and by what types of beings.

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With its new documentary-fiction series which will be released very soon, Netflix is ​​attempting some ranting. Using life on Earth as a benchmark, Alien Worlds shows what life might look like on other planets.

Combining science-fiction anticipation and scientific facts, this series also tries to prove or not the existence of an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization.

Who are the actors?

The Alien Worlds docu-series doesn’t involve humans, at least not in its first season. It is only animated, obtained thanks to digital special effects, which appear there.

However, for the voiceover, Netflix called on the British actress Sophie Okonedo. A former Oscar nominee for her role in Hotel Rwanda.

When Alien World will be released?

The first season of this docu-fiction series is released on December 2, 2020, on the video-on-demand platform.

But for now, it will only be available in the original version, with French subtitles. It is still a good idea for a series to watch while waiting for Christmas.

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