New Canvas feature in OnePlus 8 Series Smartphones

New Canvas feature in OnePlus 8 Series Smartphones

OnePlus launched the second open beta of OxygenOS 11 for the OnePlus 8 series, introducing a handful of important fixes and optimizations to the system. The company has added a new Canvas and mood display feature that will bring some flair to your device. Essentially, the phone automatically draws the photo you set for your lock screen. The user can view the wired photo at any time without having to wake up his screen.

Changes to the system include fixing a black screen issue when users access the “Advice and Support” interface and fixing the inability to wake up the Google Assistant in certain situations. OnePlus also fixed an issue that caused numbers to disappear in the Timer under certain special circumstances.

But it is the new Ambient Display feature that is the most interesting addition to the OnePlus 8 series in the open beta 2 of OxygenOS 11. Known as “Canvas”, this feature “can automatically draw” a wireframe image based on a screenshot of your phone, ”the release notes explain.

Enable Canvas Feature in OnePlus 8 Smartphone Series

The Canvas feature can be found by going to Settings -> Personalization -> Wallpaper -> Canvas -> Choose photo preview .