Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

As part of Mario’s 35th anniversary, Nintendo is launching Mario Kart Live, a new experience in augmented reality, consisting of a Switch game and a remote-controlled kart.
35 candles already! To celebrate this anniversary as it should, Nintendo is celebrating Mario through several new products. First and foremost, Switch players will be delighted to hear that Big N is preparing a compilation called Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

In a single cartridge, players will be able to find some of Mario’s legendary adventures: the classic Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64), the awesome Super Mario Sunshine (Nintendo Gamecube), and Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Wii). The three versions will be remastered, the opportunity for the youngest and the oldest to (re) discover these excellent games in the best conditions.

But what interests us on Friday, September 4, is another craze from the Japanese manufacturer: Mario Kart Live. The recipe is simple but crazy: a Switch Mario Kart game, a pinch of augmented reality, a remote-controlled kart with a camera, and voila! Indeed, Mario Kart stands out as Nintendo’s new hybrid experience, which could be described as a “video toy”.

Mario Kart Home Circut sold for 99€, players will find a kart, a USB charging cable, the Switch game cartridge, as well as four gates and two arrow markers essential to materialize your circuit in your living room or elsewhere, it’s up to you.

how does it work?

It’s very simple. First of all, you have to install your circuit in the house. You are free to reproduce the Monaco Grand Prix or to do something more “modest”. Everything will depend on the size of your living room in reality.

Once this is done, launch the Mario Kart Live game on your Switch, make the various race settings (number of laps, authorized objects, etc.) and give the starting signal. The karts provided are remote-controlled and respond directly to commands made from the Switch. Via a small onboard camera, players enjoy a cockpit view from the kart!

“ Everything that happens in the game has a real impact on the behavior of your kart: using a mushroom will make it accelerate, and for example being hit by a red shell will stop it dead!”, Says Nintendo. If you are alone, you can compete with the “Terrors of Bowser”, artificial intelligence, on several Grand Prix. In case of victory, you will be able to obtain skins, new customization elements for your pilots and your circuits.

The icing on the cake, it will be possible to play up to four in local cooperation, provided that each player brings back his kart and his Switch! We grant you, it’s expensive the multiplayer part, but it must be so exhilarating!