Nintendo announced a new game Pokemon Unite

Nintendo announced a new game Pokemon Unite.

Nintendo is going to announce a new game under the name of Pokemon Unite. However, it will not resemble classic Pokémon, and it turns out that the decoy game resembles League of Legends from Riot Games. The product is prepared by TiMi Studios, the creator of Arena of Valor. Is this a game worth the candle?

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Many companies have already tried to fight with the popular LoL for the title of the best MOBA on the market. However, none have succeeded yet. The closest to success was Valve’s Dota 2, but despite the enormous prizes of tempting esports from around the world, the game never beat League of Legends results. Blizzard also tried to fight with his Heroes of The Storm. Unfortunately, the American also fell and suspended all official esports games related to this title.

Does Pokemon Unite have a chance of success?

Does Pokemon Unite have a chance of success then? Yes and no. Yes, because the game is directed at another target, namely players on Nintendo Switch devices and mobile devices. This means that the company will not have to compete directly with the PC player base. No, because Riot Games is also going to release a mobile version of LoL that can sweep all other mobile mobs from the face of the earth.

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It is worth remembering, however, that Nintendo can play with one card that Riot Games does not have, namely nostalgia. Because who of us did not watch Pokemon when he was a child? Who among us did not collect caps of chips and trading cards? And most importantly, probably each of us once encountered GameBoy Pokemon, even if not on Nintendo equipment, then on all kinds of emulators.