Nintendo Switch combined with sex toys

Nintendo Switch combined with sex toys.

You play Animal Crossing: New Horizons and try to dig a hole with a spade. How to add this immersion? What if you can feel the vibrations of the tool in places you never dreamed of? Developers have combined Nintendo Switch with sex toys. Poor Animal Crossing: New Horizons fell victim to programmers who combined the flagship Nintendo console with sex toys.

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Haptic technology on Nintendo Switch

Haptic technology is simply known to everyone vibrations that we can feel, for example, touching the screen of our smartphone. They usually mean that our command has been registered. Many other tools and devices have a similar solution, including classic gaming pads (although in this case, it is not as “haptic technology” as merely “vibrations”). Developers thought that it would be nice to use such a solution in Nintendo Switch, but probably … a bit exaggerated.

Animal Crossing: New Vibrations

On GitHub appeared charming script description “may have seen someone acting erotic toy with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and wondered what the hell, this was all about? Here’s your answer.” The script allows the use of haptic technology with the Nintendo Switch for the console and the games themselves.

Who is this for?

Probably the answer to this question is just “for fun”. Such forms of experimenting with technologies often give an absurd effect – just like the video above. You will only think about it. A game created with, i.e. about children and families equipped with the ability to turn on sex toys when the player sticks a shovel into the ground.

The creators swear that the script has potential in multiplayer mode because it fires with if someone falls into a hole in the ground. Of course, the whole project is still in its infancy, but we are already afraid of the final result.