No Man's Sky turns into a horror movie

No Man’s Sky turns into a horror movie

No Man’s Sky is a unique game in many ways. First hated by players, then gradually appreciated more and more the story of this game is perfect for a movie. After an update, No Man’s Sky turns into a horror movie.

First, players were promised “glass houses” of infinite galaxies, unique planets, exploration, and amazing space missions. Later it turned out to be one big fake, and the creators did not live up to almost any promise. Surprisingly, No Man’s Sky is constantly being developed and their game is getting better and better perceived by players.

Constant changes

Developers are gradually adding more and more interesting content and are delayed in meeting their pre-release promises. This year we have received, among others, living ships and combat mechs. In the next update, we will get abandoned freighters straight out of the horrors.

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New update

So there are a lot of cold chills and fun for people with strong nerves. We should not be threatened with repetition, due to procedural generation, also each time you enter the “ghost ship” will be unique. On abandoned boats, dangerous life forms, aggressive robots, story notes of the crew, and a large number of new items await players. In addition, the new update introduces a number of new multiplayer missions, new titles, improved combat system and graphic novelties.