No more fake accounts on Tinder

No more fake accounts on Tinder

A feature to authenticate profiles, assisted by artificial intelligence, will soon arrive on Tinder. This system was claimed body and soul by users, tired of false accounts galore. This new feature will manually check the profile status and makes sure that there will be no more fake accounts remaining on Tinder.

Better late than never as the saying goes. Tinder, the most used dating application in the world, is about to erase one of its main flaws. Yes, users, we will soon see the end of false accounts on Tinder.

The 340 million downloads app announced the imminent arrival of a profile verification system, assisted by artificial intelligence developed for the occasion. Users have been demanding this feature for several years, tired of bogus false accounts.

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To ensure the authenticity of the account, the tool will take several selfies from the owner. If photos have already been posted on this account, the AI ​​will compare them with the selfies taken via the photo module of the application. This verification takes place in a few moments. If no anomaly is detected, the person is affixed a small blue badge on his profile, guaranteeing its authenticity in the eyes of other users.

To use this system, simply launch the application and go to its profile. Then click on your name then your age and finally select the option ” Check your profile”. The application will then ask you to take several selfies with different poses (between 4 or 5), in order to vary the viewing angles.

Then go to ” Submit for review”. Verification takes place in seconds, neither seen nor known. As Tinder specifies, a dedicated team will be in charge of supervising the AI responsible for this verification tool. “ Every day, millions of members trust us to meet new people. It is to meet their expectations that we are developing innovative secure functionalities, optimized by cutting-edge technology, ” says Elie Seidman, CEO of Tinder.