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Nokia 2.4 comes at the price everyone can get

Nokia 2.4 price

Nokia 2.4 comes at the price everyone can get

According to the latest information, the price of Nokia 2.4 will be $130 USD, (18,000 PKR) and is expected to launch on 15th August 2020. The smartphone comes with 2GB RAM, 32GB Internal Memory, and 4380mAh Battery.

We have become accustomed to affordable Nokia phones. Nokia has turned back and changed its strategy and has appeared with smartphones with a reasonable sales price. The same goes for Nokia 2.4, which is said to be another phone that will continue this strategy.

Today, some details shown as the first information about the features of the phone have been shared and we have received the first tips. So, how’s the new phone?

First Known for Nokia 2.4

About the phone, not many components appeared for the technical part. Here is the processor, the model or the amount of RAM used, we cannot say anything like this. The shared information was mostly about price and battery.

What makes us happy is that a low-priced smartphone will arrive nowadays, even when entry-level smartphones reach $200. Although the sales price is at this level, the phone is expected to have the latest versions of Android and to bring the processor and RAM balance to a sufficient level.

Nokia 2.4 price

The price was our main focus, but there are other issues that are obvious for the Nokia 2.4. For example, the phone’s battery. The smartphone, which will hold a record battery capacity of 4380mAh for its class, will also be deprived of 5G support.

Having a 5G supported modem inside the smartphone sold at such a price would be a bit of a dream. Moreover, for this, the processors must be 5G supported and must be high-level processors. From a technical point of view, these are all details that raise prices.

The launch date of the Nokia 2.4 smartphone, which will be sold in our country and will please us at low prices, will be September. Don’t just wait for the phone to go on sale in September. Sales may even exceed October and November. We will get the information about this by promotion.


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