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Nokia 7.3 Smartphone Release Date

Nokia 7.3 Smartphone Released Date

Nokia 7.3 Smartphone Release Date

Network sources said that Nokia 7.3 will be released later this month. And the flagship smartphone Nokia 9.3 will appear by the end of the year. According to the latest rumors Nokia 7.3, the Smartphone release date is September 22, 2020.

To confirm their claims, the source said that Nokia has stopped releasing Nokia 7.2. Nokia’s online stores in Germany, France, Spain, Finland, India, and other countries confirm that this smartphone is no longer available. It can still be purchased in the UK, but stocks are limited.

Nokia 7.3 is expected to hit the market on September 22. According to rumors, HMD will present several new smartphones in one day, including Nokia 7.3, Nokia 6.3, Nokia 3.4, and Nokia 2.4.

Nokia 9.3 PureView, the announcement of which has been repeatedly postponed, is still not ready to launch. The smartphone is not even in mass production – it is expected to happen this month or in October.



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