Nokia Plans to Block Lenovo Sales in Germany

Nokia Plans to Block Lenovo Sales in Germany

Nokia has tried to get a lawsuit to block the sales of Lenovo devices in Germany. It was decided to do so through a decision of the Munich court of September 30, which states that Lenovo infringed Nokia’s patent rights to video encoding technology. It will be recalled that Lenovo is a Hong Kong company.

The lawsuit began last year when Nokia accused Lenovo of infringing 20 patents. The lawsuits were filed not only in Germany but also in the United States, Brazil, and India.

It should be noted that Lenovo has already appealed against the above-mentioned court decision. The company believes that Nokia acted unfairly by not allowing Lenovo and its suppliers to use H.264 technology, which is widely used in modern devices, in licensing.

It will be recalled that Nokia has already sued Apple for infringing more than 30 patents, after which it was paid $2 billion in compensation.

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