Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Wireless Headphones

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Wireless Headphones

Nokia has announced a new Nokia Power Earbuds Lite headphones, which have become a more affordable version of Nokia Power Earbuds, which were announced last year. The main advantage of the previous model was the battery life of 150 hours when charging using a case, but in the new model, it is only at 35 hours.

The autonomy situation is due to the fact that the battery has been reduced from 3000 mAh to 600 mAh compared to Nokia Power Earbuds Lite. At the same time from one charge, the headphones will demonstrate autonomy at the level of 5 hours. The transition from USB-C to micro USB was also a significant disadvantage. The headphones also support Bluetooth 5.0 and IPX7.

Nokia has also introduced a new Portable Wireless Speaker speaker, which has a round shape and compact size. The speaker has buttons for volume control, power button, and play/pause. The speaker connects via Bluetooth 5.0. The 800 mAh battery is responsible for autonomy, which can provide 4 hours of battery life. There is a built-in microphone for calls.


Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Price 

It is unknown at this time how much Nokia Power Earbuds Lite and Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker will cost, but it is known that sales will start in November this year. It is also unknown in which regions the company plans to release new products.


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