Nokia to Launch a 4G Network on the Moon

Nokia Planning to Launch a 4G Network on the Moon 

Finnish telecommunications company Nokia will receive $14.1 million from the NASA space agency to build a 4G network for cell phones on the moon. NASA announced this investment during the $370 million contracts signed yesterday to send the first crew of the Artemis mission to the moon in 2024, which will include at least one woman. The contract was signed by Nokia’s subsidiary in the United States.

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The 4G network will be used by astronauts and vehicles and could form the basis for a potential future lunar base. “With NASA funding, Nokia will explore how terrestrial technology can be modified for the lunar environment to provide reliable high-speed communications,” added Jim Reuters, head of NASA’s Space Technology Mission.

According to XDA, the digital cellular service will significantly improve the ground connection once the astronauts return to the moon to stay there for a certain period.