Home Gadgets Nvidia buys ARM for $40 billion

Nvidia buys ARM for $40 billion

Nvidia buys ARM for $ 40 billion

Nvidia buys ARM for $ 40 billion

Nvidia has announced the acquisition of ARM, a semiconductor development company, Nvidia buys ARM for $40 billion. This agreement is considered the largest acquisition in the history of the semiconductor industry.

The deal will make Nvidia even more visible in the field of mobile computing. ARM will receive even more support for research and development, as well as access to the entire range of Nvidia products. 

Nvidia promises to maintain the open ARM licensing model and a neutral attitude towards licensees, as well as to supplement the list of intellectual property objects proposed for licensing with its developments.

In addition, Nvidia plans to develop ARM’s research presence in the UK, creating a new global center for research in the field of artificial intelligence. The company will even build a supercomputer based on ARM processors at the company’s headquarters in Cambridge.

In the near future, Nvidia will wait for regulatory approval, which will take about 18 months. Under the deal, Nvidia will pay SoftBank $ 12 billion in cash. The Japanese holding will receive another $ 21.5 billion in shares of the green chipmaker, an additional $ 5 billion will be paid in shares or cash based on ARM’s future revenue, and its employees will receive Nvidia’s remaining securities. $ 1.5 billion

The agreement must also be approved by regulators in the UK, China, the European Union, and the United States.



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