OPPO Enco W11 TWS Headphones Review

OPPO Enco W11 review: a budget TWS headphones with good sound and touch control

OPPO is known primarily for its smartphones, but when it comes to headphones, it also has something to show. In this review, we will talk about the available headphones OPPO Enco W11. It is necessary to understand what are the pros and cons of the model and whether it should be considered as an option for purchase.

OPPO Enco W11 TWS Headphone Features

  • Speaker: 8 mm
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0, radius 10 m
  • Battery: 40 mAh, 400 mAh (charging case)
  • Chips: IP55


The headphones, despite the price, we’re really pleasantly surprised by the design – they do not look like dozens of clones of Apple AirPods and look quite original, while the build quality is also comforting. Headphones sit comfortably in the ears, but before buying it should always be checked, because everyone is individual.

The model has touch control, which is carried out by taps on the outside of the body, where the sensor areas are located. Consoling the size of the case, which, despite the size of the battery, is quite compact. I also liked that the case, despite the low price, is equipped with a modern USB-C connector for charging.


The model connects to a smartphone or other device via Bluetooth 5.0. Unlike most budget price segment models, the OPPO Enco W11 connects independently, thus minimizing audio transmission delays. Oppo Enco W11 works well over long distances, if there are no physical obstacles between the headphones and the smartphone, such as walls, etc., if they are, the sound will be interrupted.


As mentioned earlier, the headphones should be controlled with taps on the sensor areas located on the outside of the case. One tap pauses the music and resumes playback, a double-tap switches the music, and you can adjust the volume by holding the headset.

In general, the control system is simple, clear and, most importantly, stable, and this is the main problem of most budget TWS-headphones, which simply have unstable sensors. It should be noted that although the model does not have a function “pause when removing from the ear”, much more important in this price segment can be called the adequate operation of the sensors.

Sound in OPPO Enco W11

Mostly the main disadvantage of budget headphones is the sound quality, but in this regard, the OPPO Enco W11 was a pleasant surprise. The model supports SBC and AAC codecs, as well as Bluetooth 5.0, which significantly reduces latency.

OPPO Enco W11 is equipped with 8 mm drivers with titanium covering that creates the best transfer of low frequencies. Indeed, the low frequencies in the headphones are pronounced and clean enough, which, again, is rare among the available models.

As in all models with silicone ear pads, the main thing here is to choose the right size, because it significantly changes both the comfort when sitting in the ears and the sound quality. In general, the sound quality was a pleasant surprise, and the headphones can really be called if not the best, then one of the best in its price segment in this regard.


The headphones are equipped with 40 mAh batteries, and the battery capacity for the charging case is 400 mAh, ie the headphones can be charged approximately 5 times. The total autonomy is about 20 hours, which is the average in this price segment, but it is quite sufficient and does not cause any discomfort. What was especially comforting,

It should be noted that, despite the price, the model has support for fast charging, which is rare in this price segment. The headphones charge for an hour of music playback in just 15 minutes, which really helps in many situations.


Oppo Enco W11 True Wireless Headphones Price 

Oppo Enco W11 TWS headphone price in Pakistan is 6000 PKR. Whereas the price of Oppo Enco W11 True Wireless Earbuds in the US is $35.  OPPO Enco W11 shows us that TWS headphones can be good for a small amount. If before you had to literally choose price or quality, now you can get a good device at an affordable price.



The main advantages of the headphones include really good and original design, USB-C connector, good control system, IP55 protection, and affordable price. For some, the disadvantage may be the emphasis on low frequencies and average sound quality, but it should be understood that even these parameters in the headphones look very good against the background of solutions from competitors, especially considering the price.