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Oppo Enco X True Wireless Headphone Review

Oppo Enco X True Wireless Noise Cancellation Headphone Review

If you want a Bluetooth headset with good sound, take a look at the OPPO ENCO X. They have advanced technology as a result of many years of work between OPPO and Dynaudio. Let’s find out the detailed features of the Oppo Enco X Headphone in this review.


Oppo Enco X Headphone Review

There is a lot of research that has been done in terms of sound to develop the OPPO ENCO X. It is not only about audio quality, but we can say that they are headphones capable of understanding your ears.

They have a transparency mode, which allows you to switch between your work and music without having to remove your headphones. You can manage what’s around you, have a conversation, and listen to your favorite music, all at the same time.



They have an innovative totally ergonomic design, and with only 4.8 grams of weight for each earpiece. Highlighting an In-Ear form factor. The charging case has an approximate weight of 42.5 grams, with dimensions 66.3 x 49 x 21.7 millimeters. They have a small neck and a headstock with interchangeable rubbers.

They come in black and white colors. They include resistance to dust and water thanks to IP54 protection. They have easy and practical touch controls, which allow you to go to the next song, answer, or hang-up calls. You can also toggle the noise-canceling mode, or turn the volume up and down.


Technology / Sound / Microphones

These fantastic OPPO ENCO X headphones feature the advanced dual-driver coaxial design, something that is only present in high-end audio devices. High frequencies are handled by a membrane driver, which is located on the front. The mid and low frequencies are regulated by a dynamic controller that has a triple-layer, located on the back.

These headphones use LHCD wireless transmission, advanced technology in this type of transmission. This allows for flawless quality reproduction. Dual speakers are arranged on parallel axes to ensure high-definition audio output. Its excellent design extends the reach of high frequencies for crystal clear sound.

On the other hand, they are equipped with a three-microphone noise cancellation algorithm. The sophisticated and practical OPPO ENCO X have a feedback microphone, advanced microphone, and internal microphone for calls.

The microphones are arranged along its body. Each earphone has a dual system that uses microphones, and a dual-core chip to minimize external noise. Noise cancellation offers three modes: maximum noise cancellation, transparent noise cancellation, and noise cancellation off. In addition, they have a wind detection filter to guarantee the best communication and transmission of your voice.



The battery of these headphones is long-lasting. If you want to enjoy your music, you have up to 25 hours of playback on a single charge. They have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The capacity of the headphones is 44 mAh, and the charging case has a capacity of 535mAh.

Music can be played at medium volume with maximum noise cancellation mode, counting on 4 hours on a single charge. In the same conditions and with a charging case, the time to enjoy music is 20 hours.

In case of music playback at medium volume and noise cancellation disabled, you have 5.5 hours on a single charge. With a charging case, they give you up to 25 hours of listening to music. The cable charging time is 80 minutes and 110 minutes using the charging case. They have a USB Type-C Wireless Charger charging port, compatible with Qi wireless charging.



They offer low latency binaural Bluetooth 5.2 streaming. With an effective range of 10 m. LHCD / AAC / SBC, this transmission works with any phone chip, under iOS and Android operating systems.


Oppo Enco X Price 

If we review all the characteristics of the OPPO ENCO X headphones, we can say without fear of being wrong, that they have come to win in value for money. Compared to other models on the market, they are among the best options. The time invested in research demonstrates a power design in these headphones.

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