OPPO Fast Wireless Car Charging

OPPO Fast Wireless Charging Technology for Cars

OPPO received a patent for wireless ultra-fast charging for the leading supplier of car electronics ADAYO and integrated wireless ultra-fast charging technologies in the car.

OPPO wireless charging technology will be used in cars for the first time. The solution was developed on the basis of OPPO fast charging technology by the leading supplier of car electronics ADAYO and debuts at Auto China 2020.

The technology can be pre-installed in the car at the factory stage. It blends perfectly with the car’s interior thanks to ADAYO’s innovative integration technology. This collaboration is part of OPPO’s strategy to expand the scenarios of its technologies and integrate them into more gadgets, so the brand creates a diverse interconnected ecosystem.

As 5G applications place higher demands on charging speeds and battery life, fast charging will become a necessity in people’s daily lives. OPPO has long been a leader in the development of fast charging technology, providing millions of users around the world with safe, efficient, and affordable fast charging technology. Now the car wireless charger will provide users with fast, safe, and convenient charging of the smartphone in the car.

In a fast-growing market, wireless charging technology has become widespread in recent years in areas such as smartphones, IoT devices, automotive electronics, and home appliances. However, the share of cars sold in China that support wireless charging for mobile phones is still relatively low, which creates huge market opportunities for the introduction of wireless charging technology in cars.

After receiving the OPPO patent, ADAYO adopted the AirVOOC wireless ultra-fast charging technology platform, which allowed it to implement 40-watt ultra-fast wireless charging in cars and to continue to deploy the leading mass-produced OPPO wireless charging technology.

OPPO seeks to create an ecosystem of intelligent devices with multiple access, adapted to the 5G era, which forms and improves connectivity through a variety of software, hardware, and services. With this first-ever patent for the automotive industry, OPPO intends to direct significant resources to the development of products to be installed in the factory and to suppliers that ensure the use of advanced technologies in cars.

OPPO also plans to provide opportunities for more verticals, including the automotive industry, through careful VR / AR research, accurate navigation, and other technologies. Guided by the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation, OPPO will continue to work with partners, creating an interconnected and integrated world of technology


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