Pac Man Game Turned 40 This Year

Pac Man Game Turned 40 This Year

Pac Man Game Turned 40 This Year

How time flies. This year, Pac Man Game turned 40, do you still remember this cult title? Pac-Man is an exceptional title. Even if someone defends himself with his hands and feet, he must know the game. A yellow smiley face, whose sole purpose in life is to eat and run away from sprites, is remembered by all players and non-players.


Everyone knows Pac-Man

Pak-Man was created in 1980 by the Japanese studio Namco. The title was developed almost entirely by one person – Tōru Iwatani, who is called Pak-Man’s father. Interestingly, the title in Japan was originally pronounced Pakku-man.

It is worth mentioning here that this title did not catch on in English-speaking countries due to a similar-sounding curse. Therefore, the title of Pac-man was chosen, which is close to the original name of the game.

The gameplay is extremely simple, and at the same time demanding. The player takes on the role of a yellow ball (the title Pac-Man) and travels through multi-level labyrinths full of white balls. The condition for passing the level is to eat them all. You should also avoid four sprites of different colors, which pose a lethal threat to the player.

The perversity of the game is based on additional mechanics. When the player eats in addition, the larger Pac-Man ball becomes immortal for a moment and can also eat sprites, which guarantee extra points.

It is true that all the levels of the board look the same, however, so that the game is not too repetitive and boring, the difficulty level changes constantly. New bonus symbols appear, sprite speed increases, and buffs become shorter and shorter.


World record

It is also worth mentioning that the world record in Pac-Man was broken in 1999 and it cannot be broken anymore, as the player has collected the maximum number of points. This was done by Billy Mitchell, scoring 3,333,360 points, playing continuously for 6 hours. It is remarkable that Mitchell ate all the marbles, the special marbles, all the scared sprites, and fruit bonuses while breaking the record, without losing a single life.


Multiplatform success

Initially, Pac-Mana was released for slot machines, but gradually the title was converted to the following platforms: Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Intellivision, Sega Game Gear, NES, SNES, Gameboy, PC, and others. In 2016, the NES Classic Edition console was released, containing a pre-installed version of Pac-Man

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