Play DOOM Game in Task Manager

Play DOOM Game in Task Manager

Max Holt has become quite well known to the Internet community. His games with the Task Manager in Windows resulted in some interesting videos on YouTube. This time the developer went a step further and decided to run the Doom game in the Task Manager. For this purpose, he chose the classic of computer blasting – DOOM.

DOOM fired on the fridge

No, no one has probably tried to play DOOM on the fridge yet, but looking at the number of home appliances (and not only) on which the game from 1993 has already been successfully turned on, but we can also suspect that the fridge will pop out soon. From the more interesting tools to launch DOOM, we can replace, for example, a camera, an ATM, and a tiny console with a crank.

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Now, Max Holt, YouTuber, who is known for running an intro to the Pokemon cartoon through the Task Manager, or even rendering the song Hakuna Matata, well known to everyone from The Lion King, has taken up the subject of DOOM.

No game had such requirements

Currently, the hardware requirements of games make it a game of 7,000 zlotys or even better to assemble a gaming computer. Nowadays, DOOM with its hardware requirements does not even resemble mobile games, let alone full-fledged AAA games, which it was almost 30 years ago. However, this does not change the fact that a powerful 28-core Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 processor had to be used to run the game in Windows Task Manager.