Players are protesting against Rockstar Games

Players are protesting against Rockstar Games

The patience of Red Dead Redemption 2 Online players is slowly starting to end. They are irritated by the lack of new content in the multiplayer game and decided to show it. Which is why online players are protesting against Rockstar Games.

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As a protest against the lack of new content thrown into the RDR2 online gameplay, players decided to put on clown costumes and thus communicate that how Rockstar treats them is a joke.

Rockstar has his hands full

Rockstar is clear about its priorities. The core team of this game developer is working on remaking GTA V for next-gen consoles. Although side projects are supported at the same time (mainly GTA Online and RDR Online), however, players believe that the number of new material, especially in the latter case is definitely too low, smaller updates are regularly added, but the last significant update introducing something new really appeared in the wild west in December 2019. So far, the protest is small, but as you can see in the video below, it quickly attracts new participants. We are waiting for the reactions of the Rockstar Games studio.