Players found the Minecraft title screen map

Players found the Minecraft title screen map

When everyone thought there was nothing else to discover in Minecraft, someone looked at the title screen map of the game and asked themselves one very important question: where is it?

The search for an answer to this seemingly simple question took months, but after many attempts, we finally managed to determine where we can find the area visible when launching the game.

How to find a screen map in Minecraft

The maps in the game from the Mojang studio are randomly generated, which means that every time we turn on a new game, it will create for us a completely new layout of the huge board. To find a specific map that interests us, we must know its seed, which is a special string of digits assigned to the map.

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A group of Minecraft Home players was responsible for finding the view from the game’s start screen. The group for the needs of the search created a special tool for analyzing worlds, but after many months of searching for effects, however, it was not visible. This was only achieved when the computing power of players’ computers was connected using the BOINC platform. Thanks to this procedure, the map was found in 24 hours. Below you can see the moment of finding the map.


Where to find the said map

To find the characteristic view from the start screen in the “natural environment”, in beta 1.7.3 the game should find the coordinates X = 61.48 ~, Y = 75, Z = -68.73 ~. And the most important thing, the map seed – 2151901553968352745 or 8091867987493326313. Since its official premiere in 2011, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games in the history of computer games.