Playstation 5 Price is confirmed

Playstation 5 Price is confirmed

Until recently, rumors about the price of Playstation 5 were booming on the network and it turns out that they were probably true and confirmed. Playstation 5 price will be 500 Euros or 550 USD, and 800 AUD.

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Rumors confirmed

As reported, the basic version of the Playstation 5 will cost 500 euros, while for the version without optical drive we will pay 399 euros. In both cases, the set includes one Dual Sense controller. If the user needs two, he will be able to purchase another controller for the price of 59 euros. The HD cam will have the same price. You will also be able to buy a media remote control and pad charging station for 29 euros.

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Premium headphones

On the other hand, Pulse 3D headphones will have a surprising price, they were priced at 179 euros. Sony positions this equipment as a premium, so consumers may have high demands on it.