PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X

The premiere of new generation consoles is just around the corner. On this occasion, we decided to consider which console our readers think is better. Let’s find out the comparison of PlayStation 5 Vs Xbox Series X which one is better and why?

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Microsoft has just announced the approximate release date of its latest console, the Xbox Series X. Players will be able to buy it in November. We are still waiting for information from Sony about when the PlayStation 5 will hit store shelves. Until then, we can decide together which console is better.

New generations of consoles are coming.

The premiere of new generations of consoles always arouses a lot of emotions. The expectations are huge and so are the producers’ announcements. Today we will be able to watch the Xbox Games Showcase, during which we will learn many new, interesting facts about the Xbox Series X and the games that will be released on this console.

Soon after this event, Sony has planned its online conference, where they will present the next game titles that we will play on PlayStation 5. So the expectations of fans are growing at a dramatic pace, and we are wondering. Xbox or PlayStation? Which next-gen console will you choose?