Possible Reasons why Messi decided to leave Barcelona

Possible Reasons why Messi decided to leave Barcelona 

A long 18-year relationship with the senior team. Lionel Messi is about to leave the team that he used to consider as his home for so many years. Why did the Barca captain suddenly make such a decision? The matter was not rushed. One of the best players in the history of football has been forced to make such a decision due to the gradual increase in anger. It is natural for the fans to have questions. What are the possible reasons why Messi decided to leave the Barcelona club? Here below we have summed up most of the highlighted reasons why Messi decided to leave.


Don’t bring Neymar back:

Messi became a great friend with Neymar in a very short time. Barcelona got its benefits in 2014-15 after one season. But Neymar left the Catalan club in 2016 and joined the French club Paris Saint-Germain. The Brazilian can misunderstand after one season. He wants to return to Barca. Messi may have promised his friend. Bring back to Catalonia. But the Barca board was reluctant. They only tried a few times to please Messi.

Barca authorities wanted to return Neymar by exchanging players without money. But why would PSG return Neymar without any profit after pouring a lot of money? Didn’t give. They did not want to give a discount on the purchase price. That is why Neymar’s dream of returning to Barca was not fulfilled. Messi has been dissatisfied since then. He complained that there was not enough effort to bring Neymar back. Nana in the Spanish media

Although Griezmann did not get the issue in 2016, Barca could have returned Neymar in 2019 if they wanted. But before the start of the season, they bought Atonian Griezmann from Atletico Madrid. As a result, the team fell into a financial deficit. Although he did not say anything at the beginning, later when Barca mentioned the financial deficit in trying to buy Neymar, Messi did not like the matter.

He could not accept the new Griezmann in place of the tested Neymar. Messi continued the season after being tested in La Liga. But Griezmann’s faded performance last season made matters worse.


Dismissal of Valverde

Anfield tragedy after the Roma tragedy. The Barcelona board was furious with Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde at the time. But Messi’s confidence in this coach was immense. The Argentines blamed themselves for the loss. But the Barca board later sacked Valverde after losing to Atletico in the semi-finals of the Super Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Messi did not like this issue.

The reason given to Messi was that the authorities wanted to fire him immediately after the Anfield tragedy. But they gave an extra chance. They do not want to give this opportunity in the third phase. After that, Messi did not like to make inexperienced Kike Setien the coach of the big club.


Barca board support for Abidal

The players were naturally uneasy after Barcelona’s unusual departure from two consecutive Champions Leagues. Eric Abidal, the club’s then sporting director, suddenly fired at the players earlier this year. He commented that the team was losing because of the irresponsible play of the senior players. That is why Messi got angry. Later, Messi wanted to know the reason for saying this by firing the opposite cannon on social media.

Abidal even demanded that the names of all the players he thought had played deliberately bad be revealed. But the Barca board did not take cognizance of such serious allegations against Abidal. Messi’s anger then increased.


Complaints against many directors, including Bartomeu:

All of a sudden a special circle started spreading various kinds of slanders in the name of Messi-Suarez-Pique on social media. It was later found that a certain group was deliberately spreading such slanders. At the time, Catalan radio station Cadena Sar reported that current Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu had invested heavily in humiliating current and former players of the club through social media through multiple affiliates of an organization called Aithri Venture. Although Barcelona was later acquitted of the charges. But Messi’s anger did not subside.


Saying goodbye to Suarez

The club naturally wanted a change after the collapse of Bayern Munich in Lisbon. Ronald Coman’s name was not included in the number of coaches that Messi wanted. Later, when he was made the coach, there have been rumors of Messi leaving the team. When the new coach arrives, he first fires at the senior players.

Coman said goodbye to Messi’s longtime teammate and friend Luis Suarez in a 60-second phone call. Speaking of finding new clubs. However, Suarez had said earlier that he would be happy to accept the club’s offer. Even after saying that, saying goodbye to the third-best goal scorer in the history of the club in a 1-minute call is a kind of insult. Messi could not take this issue well.

Coman’s abuse with Messi Join the club and talk differently about other seniors, but Coman said that he has Messi in his plan. He also said that he would take a decision after discussing it with the Bara captain. But in the discussion with Messi, it is seen that Coman has a different look.

Well, one of the main reasons why Messi decided to leave Barcelona is that he was told at the outset that all the extra benefits he had received from the club as a senior player for so long would no longer be given to him. Messi could not digest the issue of taking extra advantage. He didn’t even like to say that on his face. He was also silent. But after the issues came up in the media, the star, who has won the Ballon d’Or a record six times, got even angrier. After that, it was not very difficult for Messi to decide to leave the club.


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