Protect your phone from cyber criminals

Protect your phone from cyber criminals

When we use our cell phones daily, we tend to forget one essential security. It is necessary to have a 100% secure Android phone to avoid falling victim to the dozens of dangerous practices used by hackers to access our personal information. You can protect your phone and other information such as your phone number, address, or bank details, which are too important to let them fall into the hands of cyber criminals.

Always update the system and applications.

Developers do not release new updates for fun, and these are always aimed at improving the system or fixing existing bugs. This is why it is essential that you still have the latest version available, both at the system level and the applications you use every day.

Usually, when a program or system experiences a security failure, managers initiate an immediate update to fix it. This is why you should accept updates to your apps when the Google Play Store offers them, but also check that your system is the latest from Android Settings.

Take advantage of two-factor verification.

Most online services now offer two-factor authentication to add a layer of security to all of your accounts. If you activate this function, the platform will ask you to confirm your identity with your password and another factor, which can be a code that you receive by SMS, your fingerprint, or a security key.

So, hackers will have to work hard to pretend to be you, which is especially important when it comes to accessing your bank accounts. Do not wait any longer, activate two-factor verification in all the services you use, and which allow you to do so, thus creating a new barrier against possible cyberattacks.

Beware of email

An email is an excellent tool for sharing information with users around the world in seconds. However, it’s also a great way to spread viruses and scams that seriously endanger your cell phone number and the privacy of your personal information.

This is why you should always check the messages you receive on platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, etc. You should be especially careful with phishing, the technique used by hackers to impersonate trusted people or companies to get your data, and then impersonate you. Install an antivirus program such as Norton to protect your phone number from these threats.

Keep your passwords safe with a manager.

We know it is difficult to remember your access codes, which is why we recommend that you use a password manager. Password managers not only store all credentials but also recommend strong passwords so that nobody can get into your online accounts. You can, therefore, use these passwords containing numbers, letters, and special characters without fear of not being able to remember them.

Use a VPN to connect to an unknown Wi-Fi network.

Connecting to public or unknown networks is not very prudent, because we do not know who can access the data that is shared through them. To prevent risk, it’s best to use a VPN, an encrypted virtual private network that protects your business from cybercriminals.

Pay attention to the apps you install

The applications for your Android phone are not always free from blame; they can be traps allowing you to install viruses on your device and thus access your information, display advertisements, and even control your device remotely. This is why you should be especially careful when downloading and installing apps, especially if they come from unknown sources.


Here above, we have enlisted some of the essential tips and ways through which you can protect your smartphone from cyber criminals. You don’t have to be a technology expert in applying them, and it’s quick and simple, just follow the recommendations as mentioned earlier.