PS5 Spiderman Miles Morales Edition

PS5 wins concept edition inspired by Spiderman Game Miles Morales

Spiderman Miles Morales has already proven to be one of the most promising games on PS5 in some recently released trailers and inspired by it, Italian designer Giuseppe Spinelli has created a concept for a special PS5 version based on the game, now take a look at what the Sony console looks like in this custom edition.

The designer is the same as the Black Edition version of the PlayStation 5 which was presented a few months ago and it surprises us once again with a limited edition Sony console concept for its exclusive game.

In this version, we have red LEDs to match the look of the logo, which makes a lot of sense considering that the standard version of the PS5 has blue LEDs in its structure.

The DualSense controller has also received special customization in the same colors with a reflective red canvas design and the slogan “Be Yourself”, which makes it even more beautiful.

Sony PS5 Spiderman Miles Morales Edition 


It should be mentioned that Spider-Man Miles Morales will also be released on PS4 and will allow the game to be saved between the two generations of consoles, in addition to having a special version with a remaster of the original Spider-Man game which will benefit from renewed graphics in this relaunch which will take place in 2021, if you are curious about the graphical difference between them, just take a look at the comparative video which was shown last week.


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