Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review and Buying Guide

Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review and Buying Guide

Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review, Buying Guide, and detailed comparison

The Razer Naga range has been a real success for MMORPG enthusiasts for many years, in particular thanks to its famous grid of 12 buttons allowing you to assign most of its shortcuts directly to your mouse in the blink of an eye. What makes it the ultimate mouse for MMORPG players or just lovers of shortcuts of all kinds? In this review, find all the benefits, pros, and cons of the Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse.

To make its mouse even more versatile, in 2018 the brand unveiled the Naga Trinity model, offering 3 interchangeable fronts for the first time. We found a first with the classic grid of 12 buttons, a second with a circle of 7 buttons (mainly designed for MOBAs), and finally a more traditional last with only 2 buttons (for FPS for example). Enough to adapt the Naga to all situations.

Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming mouse Review 

For the end of 2020, the manufacturer is upgrading this Trinity model with a new Razer Naga Pro which is now going wireless. The general principle remains the same, with always these famous 3 interchangeable facades but we still gain in comfort and freedom of movement thanks to the dual Bluetooth / 2.4 GHz connection.

A mouse as versatile as ever

The Razer Naga Pro takes an almost identical design to that of the Naga Trinity and the lines of the two mice seem at first glance perfectly similar. We, therefore, remain on a relatively imposing model, naturally cut for a comfortable grip in Palm Grip.


The industry’s most versatile gaming mouse

With dimensions of 119 x 74.5 x 43 mm and a weight of 117 g, its size is clearly the opposite of what we find on a Razer Viper Mini for example. Players allergic to compact and light mice will appreciate it, although it must be admitted that the return to such a heavy model requires a little adaptation time.


Comfort and ergonomics of the Razer Naga Pro

You’ve probably noticed it but it’s always worth pointing out: the Naga Pro is only suitable for right-handed players and unfortunately no left-handed version seems to be on the program at the moment.

The RGB lighting is still on the program, with customizable effects at the level of the wheel, palm rest, or side panels. Now let’s go to the detail of the different buttons. On the upper part, we find the two main clicks, which now benefit from new optical switches. What still gains in reactivity, in particular thanks to the absence of a rebound delay.


Horizontal scroll wheel gamer mouse

Behind the wheel, two buttons by default allow you to navigate between the different DPI levels. They are slightly reworked compared to those of the Naga Trinity, with now a square format that no longer protrudes from the shell of the mouse. Access is a little less intuitive, but it also avoids activating them by mistake.

We finally arrive at the side facades of this Naga Pro. To switch from one to the other, we find a magnetic system that has already proven itself. In use, the facades remain perfectly in place and change is done in the blink of an eye. No need to turn off the mouse or use any tools. Incidentally, one will also note the presence of an insert to store the USB dongle necessary for the 2.4 GHz wireless connection. Rather practical so as not to lose it when moving.


The facades can be easily changed

The first facade features the famous 12-button grid, now synonymous with MMORPG. Each of the 12 buttons has a different inclination so that you can identify them with your thumb after a few hours of use.

On FFXIV, this can allow you to perform your main rotation without ever touching your keyboard, or on the contrary to leave your essential shortcuts on your gaming keyboard and use the mouse to access your inventory, your mounts, or your quests more easily. In progress. In this configuration, the mouse has a total of 19 programmable shortcuts.


Razer Naga Pro with 12 button grid

These 12 buttons can also be very interesting for office automation and especially video editing or photo editing. On software such as Adobe Premiere or Photoshop, this can clearly make the difference in terms of productivity.

The second facade is completely revised compared to what we had previously discovered on the Naga Trinity. Here exit the circular format and we go to 2 lines of 3 buttons. A rather interesting format, which can adapt to MMORPGs as well as to MOBAs for example. There are more shortcuts than on a classic mouse and the handling is done faster than with the grid of 12 buttons, not always easy to master.


Razer Naga Pro with 6 button grid

Finally, the last facade is the simplest, with here only 2 buttons for more traditional use. We are thinking in particular of players wishing to chain a few games of Valorant or Call of Duty between two raids on WoW. So obviously with its imposing size and 114 g, the Naga Pro is far from being the ideal mouse for playing at 400 DPI, but the model does perfectly well for a few games without pressure.


Razer Naga Pro with 2-button front panel for FPS

At the back of the mouse, there are 5 PTFE pads, including one surrounding the optical sensor. They are improved compared to those of the Trinity models and provide excellent glide during use. A very interesting point, which makes it possible in particular to limit fatigue when using such a heavy mouse for long hours.

Also at the back, we will also note the presence of a switch allowing to switch between the Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz models, but also to turn off the mouse. A top, a button can be used to navigate between 5 configuration profiles saved on the mouse.


Rearview of the Naga Pro

Finally, two connectors can be used to charge the mouse wirelessly if you opt for the version with its docking station. The principle is the same as on the Razer Basilisk Ultimate and Razer Viper Ultimate models that we have already presented to you.

In the absence of this station, recharging is carried out directly via a Micro-USB cable. If we appreciate the presence of a SpeedFlex cable still as flexible and flexible, we still regret the absence of a switch to USB-C for such a recent product and marked “Pro”.


A successful wireless switchover

The big novelty of this Razer Naga Pro is obviously its switch to wireless. If MMORPG players had already had the opportunity to enjoy a 2.4 GHz connection with the Razer Naga Epic Chroma released in 2015, the passage to the wireless of the Trinity was still expected by many users.


USB dongle for 2.4 GHz wireless connection

Bluetooth mode can be used to connect the Razer Naga Pro wirelessly to most compatible devices, such as a laptop or tablet example. Here the latency is a little higher and we especially recommend this mode for a rather office-oriented use. You free up a USB port on your machine.

In terms of autonomy, Razer announces up to 150 hours in Bluetooth and about 100 hours in 2.4 GHz. Excellent results for a wireless model, which should require you to go through the charging box only once or twice a month.


Advanced customization via Razer Synapse

To configure all of its buttons, the Razer Naga Pro is obviously compatible with the Razer Synapse 3 software. This is available free of charge from the manufacturer’s site and requires the creation of an account in order to be able to save its configurations in the Cloud.

The software allows you to create different profiles and load them automatically according to its games or applications. 5 of them can be directly downloaded to the internal memory of your mouse so that you can enjoy your configurations even on a PC without a Razer Synapse.


Button adjustment via Razer Synapse software

The “HyperShift” mode is also present. Thanks to it, we can assign an alternative action to each button when this mode is activated. Enough to double the number of shortcuts and thus have nearly 40 commands in the blink of an eye when using its main facade.

The “Performance” tab supports the different DPI levels. You can assign up to 5, from 100 to 20,000 DPI with a step of 50 DPI. It is also from this tab that we can manage the polling rate, from 125 to 1000 Hz.


Adjusting the sensor sensitivity

The “Lighting” tab supports the options for RGB lighting. Here we find the usual effects of the brand and it is possible to select different settings on the 3 RGB zones of the mouse. The set can obviously be synchronized with the other products of the brand.

Among the other options available, we find the possibility of managing the lift-off distance between 1 and 3 mm, with the possibility of opting for an asymmetrical adjustment ( different lift-off when lifting or resting the mouse). There is also an automatic standby time or an “Energy-saving” mode from a certain percentage of the battery.


An efficient sensor and reduced consumption

On the performance side, Razer is taking advantage of this new version to switch its Naga Pro to a Razer Focus + optical sensor. It is a derivative of the PixArt PMW3399 and above all the most advanced model of the brand, capable of handling speeds of 650 IPS and accelerations of 50 G, for maximum sensitivity of 20,000 DPI. How often, nothing to complain about on the tracking side, and the mouse responds perfectly to the slightest movements.


Razer Focus + optical sensor

On a game like FFXIV, which requires a lot of shortcuts, the front panel of 12 buttons allows you to better distribute your commands. You free up space on your keyboard while quickly accessing your actions, spells, or menus directly from your thumb. All this obviously requires a dose of configuration on the Synapse side as well as a shot to master all these buttons, but once comfortable it’s a real treat.



Concluding the review for this new wireless gaming mouse, the new Razer Naga Pro is definitely the ideal model for MMORPG players wishing to maintain a certain versatility. Despite all its qualities, keep in mind that this Naga Pro is not however to put in all hands. Its imposing size and its different facades require much more adaptation time than on a traditional field mouse and it will take a little perseverance to really benefit from all these additional orders.

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