Home Gadgets Razer Seiren Mini Microphone for Streamers

Razer Seiren Mini Microphone for Streamers

Razer Seiren Mini Microphone for Streamers

Razer introduces the budget Seiren Mini microphone for streamers

If you are going to attract as many people as possible to your live broadcast, you should not postpone the purchase of a quality microphone. For those whose budget does not allow you to immediately buy a top device, Razer has introduced a Seiren Mini microphone.

The Seiren Mini uses a super-cardioid pattern that provides sound recording at the optimal angle. This helps to significantly reduce the level of external noise, making the speech of the streamer sound clear.

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The developers have also added a shockproof mount that minimizes table vibration, protecting streaming from extraneous sounds, as well as a stand that allows you to place the microphone at a convenient angle. The USB interface is used to connect to the computer.

Razer Seiren Microphone Price 

The new Razer’s Siren Mini Microphone is available at a price of $50. You get studio-level sound (at least that’s what the manufacturer promises).



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