Realme Watch Review Features and Price

Realme Watch Review Features and Price

Realme started with smartphones but is constantly expanding the range of its devices, creating more and more new products. Now here we present a review of Realme Watch the first smartwatch from Realme, which looks really good for its price.


Features of Realme Watch

  • Display: IPS 1.4 inches, 320 x 320 pixels
  • Autonomy: 160 mAh, up to 7 days of battery life
  • Standards: Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth LE, IP68
  • Smartphone connection: Realme Link
  • Strap: silicone, width 20 mm, length 164-208 mm
  • Sensors: heart rate sensor, SpO2 sensor, accelerometer


Realme Smart Watch Review 

A smartwatch is not only a device with certain features but also a stylish accessory. The Realme Watch looks like an Apple Watch, but it’s much lighter, which is really comfortable while sleeping. There are several colors – black, blue, red, and green, we have a black version on review, which looks quite stylish.



The only drawback in the design, which I did not like the direct competitor of Realme Watch, smartwatch Amazfit Bip – the brand name under the display. Despite the fact that this inscription is almost invisible most of the time, this design element looks redundant. In all other respects, the design, given the price, is really good.



In my opinion, the display is the main advantage of Realme Watch, which favorably distinguishes it from Amazfit Bip and other competitors. There is a good IPS-matrix with a resolution of 320 x 320. At first, it may seem small, but the PPI at this resolution is 323. Indoors, the interface is visible even at 10 percent brightness, but on the street should be twisted brightness up to 100 percent.


Software for connecting to a smartphone

Like many other Realme products, the Realme Watch connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and is controlled via the Realme Link application. The only significant drawback of the application – it is not yet available for the iOS operating system, only Android is supported. Everything else is a good application – the user interface is beautiful, simple and thoughtful, through it you can configure a very large number of functions of the watch Realme Watch.

However, some functions, such as the alarm clock, Do Not Disturb mode, and Wake Up function, are available on the watch. The company decided to add these chips, as Realme Watch is equipped with a large enough display (recall that in Realme Band, the company’s first handheld device, these functions were also configured in the application).


Chips Realme Watch

The watch supports a large number of smart chips – heart rate monitoring, sleep quality monitoring, reminders to drink water, sports modes and smart alerts, blood oxygen monitoring, and camera control. It is also possible to control the music player, weather forecast, and the ability to search for the phone.



The smartwatch is equipped with a 160 mAh battery, and the company claims that it is enough for seven days of battery life with heart rate monitoring on and nine days with it off. With active use with high outdoor brightness and low indoor and high vibration intensity, the watch works for about 5 days, but if you use it less for notifications (the Vibro motor works with each notification and consumes energy), Realme Watch will be able to show a slightly better result.

For charging, there is a round station that plugs into a USB port. The company says that a full charge takes 2.5 hours, and the actual result is not very different – charging takes about three hours.



The first smartwatch turned out really good. It should be understood that it primarily competes with fitness bracelets and watches, similar in capabilities to them, such as Amazfit Bip, and it really looks very good against competitors. Consoled by good functionality, including the ability to configure some options without a smartphone, the ability to control music playback, autonomy, and especially – IPS-display, which very favorably distinguishes Realme Watch from competitors.


Realme Watch Price in Europe

A smartwatch costs about 40 Euro, and it’s a really good price for such a device. It has a stylish design, a great display, and a good set of features, so Realme Watch is clearly worth considering as an option to buy.