Realme Watch S Review

Realme Watch S Review – Budget Friendly Smartwatch

Realme Watch S Review: For Those Who Want a Stylish Sports Watch at an Affordable Price

Just a few months after the Realme Watch model came out, the Realme Watch S was released. In the Realme Watch S Review, this new smartwatch has a more advanced look & features compared to the first model, which you see in high-end smartphones at a more affordable price of $175. Moreover, doing this eliminates the necessity of constantly charging. Comments about this smartwatch that we have experienced for a while are in the Realme Watch S review article.

Design and Display

Although the Realme Watch S has a smaller screen than the Watch model, it looks closer to the traditional sports watch form with its larger 47mm body and circular display. With its appearance, we can say that Huawei looks close to the Watch GT 2 series watches.

Moreover, we see that the selection of materials used on the watch goes a little further. Even though the weight is increased, it does not create a feeling of heaviness in the wrist. Despite the glass and plastic combination structure of the Realme Watch, there is Gorilla Glass glass in front of the Realme Watch S, while a plastic layer is used on the back.

In fact, these are the same as the first Watch model. However, the bezel of the watch is made of aluminum. This adds a little more air to the Realme Watch S, making it a little better quality. Just like Realme Watch, this watch also has IP68 certification. So It can stand up to a depth of 5 meters in water for up to half an hour without any damage. This way, you can perform swimming exercises while the watch is on your wrist.

The increased dimensions made it possible to use 22mm straps. This situation is advantageous in one respect because smartwatches from other manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, and others use the same strap standard. You will also be able to use straps and bands specific to other smartwatches with Realme Watch S.

The black-colored strap that comes with the watch is also of high quality. Even if you wear it for a long time, it does not bother you. Normally I don’t like wearing watches during sleep, but wearing the Watch S didn’t feel uncomfortable in any way during sleep.

We see two physical keys on the right side of the clock. One of them allows you to return to the home screen, while the other provides faster access to exercise tracking features. An indicator is placed around the screen that shows the minutes, thus reflecting the atmosphere of classical clocks.

The screen of the Realme Watch S is in a 1.3-inch circular form and has AMOLED screen technology. Covered with Corning Gorilla Glass glass, this touchscreen displays good resistance to harsh conditions of the outdoor environment. It also looks good against scratches. The 360 ​​x 360-pixel resolution screen is sharp enough, the colors and brightness are good too.

There is no problem in terms of viewing angles. Moreover, thanks to the smart screen technology used by Realme, the screen brightness is adjusted automatically depending on the light in the environment. The watch doesn’t have an always-on mode, but the absence of that doesn’t make a big difference.

When we look back, we see an optical heart rate meter. Thanks to this unit, Realme Watch S can continuously measure heart rate. It can also measure the oxygen level in the blood.


Realme Watch S can be used with both iPhone and Android phones. The android phone needs to work with Android 5.0 or higher. Both iPhone and Android phone owners can easily install the smartwatch after installing the Realme Link application, which can be found in the app store.

Realme uses its own operating system, so there is no problem with performance. In the application menu, application icons are used in the same style we see in Oppo Watch. We can say that the transitions in the user interface are fluent.

Some differences have been made in the user interface so that it does not look the same as the others. For example, when you drag your finger up from the bottom of the screen, you see the application menu, and when you drag it down from the top, you see the notifications.

Even if you see the notifications, there is no possibility to reply directly on the smartwatch. You will see the quick settings when you drag from left to right. Dragging it left and right allows you to see different visual components such as Weather, Sleep, Heart Rate, and Movement.

Weather information is shown if the phone and smartwatch are linked. There are also features such as remotely managing the connected phone’s camera or controlling the music and other media playing from the phone.

There are many options on the watch dials side. You can find some of these in the hour. The remaining ones are in the Realme Link application and you can easily download them and install them on the watch.


Realme Watch S has a 390 mAh capacity battery. Realme states that this battery offers a working life of up to 15 days. In this working life estimation, the heart rate measurement is kept on constantly, taking into account situations such as 100 notifications per day and synchronized five times a day with the assistive smartphone application.

Indeed, in practice, we find that the Realme Watch S delivers a performance that doesn’t frustrate these predictions or even goes beyond. You can use the watch comfortably for two weeks on a single charge. Especially if you also turn off a feature such as a wake-up wrist screen, you can go beyond 15 days.

Using the watch for two days consumes around 10 percent of the battery. Moreover, in this case, the screen brightness is high, the heart rate measurement is constantly on, and a walking exercise of about one and a half hours was also performed.

There is also a good waiting time when you are not using the watch. I have seen that the battery of the watch that has been sitting aside for more than two weeks has lost only about 10-15 percent of its power.

There’s also a power-saving mode that will offer you normal watch functions for a little longer when the Realme Watch S’s battery is low. When this mode is turned on, the screen turns black and white. Only the clock and battery status are shown. With this mode, you can extend the clock far beyond the anticipated operating time with a full battery.

Wellness and Exercise

Realme Watch S has many features on the wellness and exercise side that those who are considering purchasing a smartwatch would want to find. Heart rate is measured continuously, and heart rate values ​​are displayed both during rest and exercise.

Thanks to the same sensor, oxygen levels in the blood are also measured. Heart rate measurement looks pretty close to Apple Watch Series 6. However, in measuring the oxygen level in the blood, the level is 1 percent lower than the measurements made with Apple’s latest smartwatch.

Thanks to the three-axis accelerometer inside the watch, the number of steps taken and similar daily movements are continuously monitored. There is also a built-in GPS feature. This allows you to record distance information during your outdoor workouts.

Apart from distance, data such as speed, calories burned, cadence, and so on are also displayed in the Realme Link application. The durations of processes such as fat burning, aerobics, and heart rate zones are also shown on the training screen in the application.

The data recorded by Realme Watch S is displayed on many watch faces and the special activity tracking visual component. The ring-shaped user interface displays the number of steps taken, calories burned, and active time. Notifications that warn you to get up and move a little when you are inactive for too long or water drinking reminders are also available on the watch.

When we look at the values ​​recorded by the Watch S, we see that it is in roughly the same range as the Apple Watch SE. Even though there are slight differences, the recorded values ​​are in close range.

One of the features of the smartwatch is that it can track sleep. Thanks to a special application, you can see your sleep data. There is no need for any additional steps for sleep tracking, it will be sufficient to keep the watch on your wrist while you sleep.

Total sleep, REM, deep sleep, and light sleep times are shown. Heart rate is also measured during sleep. All these sleep data can be seen on the watch, as well as a more detailed breakdown of the Realme Link application on the connected phone. Moreover, viewing is performed based on day, week, month, and year.

When we look at the exercise application, we see 16 different exercise types, including frequent sports such as Running Outdoors, Walking, Indoor Running, Outdoor Cycling, Aerobic Capacity, Strength Training, and Football. As I used the watch, I used the Walking mode more and the accuracy of the results, as I mentioned above, is at a high level.


Watch S shows that Realme is improving things further on the smartwatch side. The advances in design and screen size are remarkable. You can have the opportunity to use a smartwatch that looks stylish for a lower price.

Its water and dust resistance features also show that you can track movement without removing the watch from your wrist during swimming or other training in harsh conditions. Coming up with its own operating system may seem negative due to the restriction of third-party application support.

However, it ensures that the performance obtained from the watch is at its optimum. Its circular screen provides an adequate view of any environment. The connection with the smartphone is also good. We see that the heart rate measurement has an accuracy that is compatible with other smartwatches.

We can say the same for exercise and movement tracking. Up to two weeks, Even more, the possibility of use is among its impressive features. If you want to have a smartwatch without straining your budget, Realme Watch S can be included in your rubric.

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