8 Reasons to Choose a Wooden Chalet to Build your Home

8 Reasons to Choose a Wooden Chalet to Build Your Home

Do you want an ecological home that is unlike any other? Now is the time to take the plunge before log house-making becomes mainstream. If you decide to go to an ecological house, the wooden chalet is ideal for eco-responsible manufacturing. Here below you will find some of the solid reasons to choose a wooden chalet to build your home.

Reasons to Choose a Wooden Chalet 

1. An original and designer house

The home looks at what you want: rustic, traditional, modern, or even contemporary. Transforming your wooden house is interesting, even innovative. Depending on its design, we imagine classic shapes, unique or even original. Indeed, wood allows a particular design to highlight the beauty of the material.

From many angles, everything is flexible in your home. Thanks to the wooden frame which fits perfectly with other elements (metal, brick, etc.). Your home is inspiring both outside and inside. The wood reveals its natural elegance. In addition, it adapts to the desires and aspirations of the eco-citizen who sleeps in you.

2. An ecological home that respects the environment

Building a house is an important choice. Just as much as thinking about the composition of the materials. Especially when these can have a significant impact on the ecosystem. The natural material of plant origin, wood is ecological, sustainable, and economical in the long term. It is a good thermal insulator, easy to maintain, it resists time, and the various seasons.

Investing in an eco-construction of organic material means participating (among other things) in reducing greenhouse gases. By making the wooden chalet your main residence, your daily consumption (energy, heating, etc.) will be less for you and for the planet, just like tiny houses.

3. A modular house at will

No matter how you imagine it, the home of your dreams is accessible. Realizing all your ideas using wood is now possible. Material adaptable, model your abode wood as you like. Are you expecting a child? Build a second bedroom. Too small a bathroom? Make it bigger!

Making an annex in your wooden chalet becomes a child’s play. You just need to order an extension which will be delivered to you as a kit. So you can start building it easily and quickly. Flexible, and scalable, the architecture of organic houses continues to develop, as the success of this concept is linked to the environment.

4. Good insulation for optimal thermal comfort

Excellent base for soundproofing and natural insulation, wood nevertheless needs distributed thermal insulation (ITR) for optimum comfort. In this way, the wooden chalet withstands all seasons. Winter or summer, you will not feel the difference in your home.

Balanced hygrometry, therefore the absence of mold since the thermal insulation does its job correctly. Mandatory, thermal regulations must apply during the construction of your house. RT 2012 is still part of the standard, however, a new standard (RT 2020) will come into effect in January 2021.

5. An economical purchase price

For a couple or a family, building an ecological house in the city or in the countryside is affordable. Profitable and at a lower cost, the purchase of a wooden chalet is perfect for a first real estate investment. The expenses do not add to the budget, because the wooden dwelling requires less labor than traditional dwellings. The surface area as well as thermal insulation further lightens the amount.

6. A solid and durable construction

A natural element, wood faces all climatic conditions through its resistance and its acclimatization to the environment. Robust, the wooden chalet is reassuring and contributes to the safety of the place.

If the wooden house is maintained properly, it can easily extend its longevity. Wood is a naturally strong material, which makes it the best of durable, rock-solid allies.

7. A quick site without the nuisance

Building a wooden chalet saves considerable time on the site. For a more active construction, the house exists in the kit. Thus, its prefabrication is done in the factory or in a workshop. For example, the assembly of a 60 m2 wooden chalet with the RT2012 standard is done in just 7 days as you can see in the video below!

Unlike traditional hoses, some stages of the building are of no use (pouring and drying concrete, cleaning the site, etc.) During the foundations, there is no problem with noise pollution. For this, timber construction is in great demand in urban areas.

8. Easy and inexpensive maintenance

The maintenance of your wooden chalet depends on the type of wood used for the construction. Likewise, if you want to keep the original color of the wood in the long term, you will need the right products.

Taking care of your ecological home is easy and accessible to everyone. Plus, there’s no need to maintain it every year. Just do it once every 3 or 5 years, real savings. Pleasant, warm, and authentic, the wooden chalet brings a wind of ecological softness under its roof.

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