Record-breaking Death Stranding on PC

Record-breaking Death Stranding on PC

The premiere of Death Stranding on PC turned out to be a bull’s eye! Production from Hideo Kojima conquered the Steam platform and became a bestseller. Even the first great-looking mods for the game were created. It turns out that many players are attracted to the idea of ​​a “post-apocalyptic simulator” courier.


Death Stranding a great game

Death Stranding in the PC version is less than a week old, and the hit production from Hideo Kojima turned out to be a big win! We guess that the reviews issued to the game have a share in this game – in the opinion of many critics, the port of the game from PS4 to PC is not only the best-working transfer of the game from the console to the computer for a long time but maybe even a better version than the original.

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In the end, on PC we got support for DLSS 2.0 from Nvidia, support for wide screens, graphics settings, and unlocking frames per second. The whole works really stably. This is proved by the notes posted to the game in the Metacritic aggregator. The PC version boasts an average of 87 critics, while the PS4 version “only” 82.

Kojima conquers Steam

According to Steam data, Death Stranding was 1st and 3rd on the bestseller list last week. Why two? This is often the case, but Valve never explains the phenomenon. In turn, SteamSpy shows that the game won 575 thousand on the Valve platform. buyers. It is worth noting that we will also buy Death Stranding, among others at Epic Games Store. The players not only buy products, but also play it – yesterday (because Sunday, it is known) a record was recorded, or 32 thousand. people playing simultaneously.


Death Stranding gets Ray Tracing

Although the port itself is phenomenal, the game does not support other technology presented on the occasion of the graphics cards from the RTX series. It is about simulating ray tracing reflections. However, the first mods have already appeared in the game. One of them, from the category of graphics overlays simulating RTX effects, I .e.ReShade RTX, looks fantastic. Although I admit that this ray tracing is not quite visible here, the whole image is sharpened, the reflections are a bit clearer and the edges of the objects are improved. Anyway – see the video above for yourself.