Revamped Mafia Official Gameplay

Revamped Mafia Official Gameplay

2K kept its promise and showed us the first Revamped Mafia official gameplay from the remake of the first Mafia. The legendary game has changed beyond recognition. Now, however, it looks really stunning. In addition to the graphics, the production will also see changes in the gameplay itself. Does anyone remember the first Mafia? A game that did not forgive mistakes set the bar really high for all subsequent sandbox games.

Legendary Mafia

In 2002, the first Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven from 2K (then 2K Czech) was released. It turned out immediately that the production is … demanding. Very demanding. A historic mission on the racetrack or, surprisingly for those times, quiet taxi missions opening the story were surprising, but they had a unique, gangster atmosphere of the 1930s. Hardly any production in the following years was equally atmospheric.

We have a new gameplay

Mafia: Trilogy is a pack of three refreshed games from the series – Mafia, Mafia II and Mafia III, of which the graphical improvements are barely visible in the second part and basically imperceptible in the case of the “three”. Fortunately, Mafia 1 promises to be a unique remake that can be compared, for example, with Resident Evil 2 or 3 in terms of the degree of changes.

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Among other things, the actor who uses the appearance and voice of the main character, Tommy, has been given the option of riding motorcycles or a modern system of covers was used.


The game looks better than we thought

The Mafia looks much better than anyone could imagine. The new gameplay shows a completely revised combat, which now draws heavily from the “three” and even a bit from the GTA series.

While the enemy death animations and the shooting mechanics themselves look really good, there are places to feel a certain “numbness” of NPCs who act like dumplings. Of course, a lot will change before the premiere.

In addition, the gameplay shows the aforementioned riding a motorcycle, a lot of cutscenes, and a few behind-the-scenes shots. The premiere is scheduled for September 25 this year.