Roccat Burst Pro Gaming Mouse Review

Roccat Burst Pro Gaming Mouse Review

Roccat Burst Pro Gaming Mouse Review, Test, and Buying Guide 

The Roccat Burst Pro offers excellent value for money if you are looking for a light and efficient mouse. Between its lightweight, its perfectly flexible cable, or its optical switches, it brilliantly combines performance and maneuverability. Roccat Burst Pro gaming mouse is available at the price of approx $60 US. During the Review of Roccat Burst Pro Gaming Mouse, we found it  Even cheaper, its little sister the Core version is a great alternative for gamers on a tighter budget.

Ultralight mice are in fashion and Roccat seems determined to get his share of the pie back. After the very good Kone Pure Ultra and its 66 g on the scale, the manufacturer unveils two new models with the Roccat Burst Pro and Burst Core. The two mice have an identical size, with symmetrical ergonomics and a total weight of 68 g.

Roccat Burst Pro Gaming Mouse Price and Availability 

This Roccat Burst Pro Gaming Mouse is priced at 59.99 € and competes with the Razer Viper Mini, the Cooler Master MM711, or the Endgame Gear XM1. At just € 29.99, the Burst Core is the cheaper of the two and is positioned as the most affordable ultralight mouse on the market. It is equipped with a PixArt PMW3330 at 8500 DPI sensor, Roccat Titan optical switches, and a standard cable.

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Roccat Burst Pro Gaming Mouse Review 

The mouse is delivered in a small cardboard box with some visuals and its main characteristics. Inside the box, the Burst Pro comes with a user manual and a set of spare pads. The Burst Pro model, which we focus on today, presents a technical sheet revised upwards. The mouse has an excellent sensor derived from the PixArt PMW3389, a much more flexible paracord cable, RGB lighting, or heat-treated pads.

Design & Ergonomics

The Roccat Burst Pro has symmetrical ergonomics, but its design is not ambidextrous. Without a button positioned on its right facade, it mainly targets right-handed players and possibly left-handed players, favoring fingertips grip.

As for the Kone Pure Ultra, we are therefore here on a so-called ultralight mouse, with a total weight of 68 g. As is often the case, the design is based on a perforated frame, but Roccat has chosen to cover it with a translucent coating.

A choice which in theory makes it possible to limit dust and other dirt within the mouse, while promoting the diffusion of the backlight. Visually, it is quite successful and it changes a bit from what we are used to seeing in recent months in the sector.

In terms of dimensions, the Burst Pro displays an average size. With a length of 120mm, a maximum width of 58mm, and a height of 38mm, it should be able to fit most players. Its shape is somewhat reminiscent of what we had discovered on the Endgame Gear XM1, with an upper part that is neither too flat nor too rounded and slightly flared sides on the rear.

The mouse seems to be able to adapt to the majority of grips, whether you are more a fan of Claw Grip, Palm Grip, or even Fingertips, even if we recommend rather more compact models like the Viper Mini.

Comfort and handling of the Roccat Burst Pro

On our side, comfort is there and it is possible to chain hours of gaming without feeling particular fatigue alongside this Burst Pro. Obviously, each user has their own preferences and it remains difficult to be completely objective on this point.

Now place the mouse buttons. We find on the upper part the two main clicks, with Roccat Titan optical switches. A good surprise for a proposed mouse, we remind you that it is below the €60 mark.

In use, these optical switches are perfectly responsive and eliminate the bounce delay of traditional mechanical switches. The activation is straightforward and well-marked, with good sound feedback. Their durability is also superior, with up to 100 million activations according to Roccat. It is obviously difficult to verify in practice, especially after only ten days alongside the mouse.

On the side of the wheel, there are well-marked notches as well as an RGB lighting zone. In use, the latter is particularly comfortable, but we will still note a little play on our model. Because of this, the wheel sometimes shifts to the side and it remains difficult to say if this problem is related to our model or not. In use, however, this does not prevent its proper use. You can consult our video to better understand the “problem”.

As explained a little earlier, if the mouse has symmetrical ergonomics, only the left front has buttons. Quite impressive, they are easy to access and again offer reactive activation. A good job from Roccat. Still, on the side facades, we note the presence of a slightly textured honeycomb coating. It provides a little extra grip, even if it remains here much more subtle than a real rubber coating for example.

On the cable side, the Roccat Burst Pro opts for a model called PhantomFlex. This is a particularly soft and flexible paracord model and it is clearly better than what the manufacturer presented us on its Roccat Kone Pure Ultra. Here it does not interfere with the movements of the mouse and we can without any problem bypass a bungee.

The paracord cable is very flexible

Last point to underline concerning the construction of this Burst Pro: its skates. Roccat opts here for heat-treated PTFE models. The brand does not necessarily specify the advantages that this brings to the use, but it is clear that the mouse offers one of the best glides in the sector.

Roccat Swarm software

On the functional side, the Roccat Burst Pro is compatible with the Roccat Swarm software. You can create up to 5 configuration profiles and load them automatically according to your games or applications. The tool makes it possible in particular to manage the different levels of sensitivity of the sensor, here from 100 to 16,000 DPI with a step of 50 DPI.

From the “Key assignment” tab, you can remap the 8 mouse buttons by counting the scrolling up and down of the wheel. Roccat offers some configuration examples but it is possible to choose the actions of your choice or to create your own macros.

Configuration of EasyShift + buttons and options

Each button can also have an alternative command via the EasyShift [+] functionality. This makes it possible to double the number of mouse shortcuts and it is rather practical on certain MMORPGs or for office automation for example.

The “Lighting” tab is used to manage the RGB effects of the mouse. Here we find the usual modes of the brand and we must admit that it is a little less complete than with the competition. A single zone is configurable, encompassing both the lighting of the wheel and those present under the translucent shell.

Roccat AIMO RGB lighting

In use, the lighting is nevertheless successful and especially benefits from beautiful light. Alongside the recent Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro keyboard, it has a small effect. The last tab “Advanced parameters” provides some additional options, including the possibility of adjusting the polling rate from 125 to 1000 Hz or even to manage the lift-off distance on two levels or to calibrate it according to your mouse pad.


The Roccat Burst Pro features a 16,000 DPI Roccat Owl-Eye optical sensor. It is a derivative of the PixArt PMW3389, one of the very best sensors on the market. In use, not much to blame the mouse for its tracking. The sensor is capable of handling speeds of 400 IPS and accelerations of 50 G before stalling and no problem was noted during our various tests.

To get a better idea of ​​the in-game performance of the mouse, the Burst Pro has mainly been tested on different FPS such as Call of Duty: Warzone, or Valiant. If the youngest of Roccat did not transform us into a pro-gamer overnight, she is terribly effective and allows you to play in optimal conditions.

With its lightweight, flexible cable and very good glide, it adapts perfectly to players who are used to playing with low sensitivity. Combined with a good TKL keyboard, you can perform large and precise movements in a perfectly fluid way. The buttons are also very responsive and provide a good feeling of confidence upon activation. Again it’s all good and not much to complain about this Burst Pro.


Concluding the review of the Roccat Burst Pro gaming mouse is a very nice surprise! After a convincing Kone Pure Ultra but not free from flaws, the manufacturer corrects the situation and positions its new mouse as an excellent alternative to the ultralight models already established on the market.

At 59.99 €, it has one of the best quality/price ratios in the sector by offering a well-designed model and above all without the slightest concession. At this price, it is the only one to combine a featherweight, optical switches, a paracord cable, RGB lighting, or even an irreproachable optical sensor.

If you have a tighter budget, the Burst Core is also interesting under the 30 € mark. We lose some of the advantages of the Pro model, with a more classic cable, less RGB, and a less efficient optical sensor, but we keep comfortable ergonomics, optical switches, and its weight of 68 g.

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