Rocket League disappears from Steam

Rocket League disappears from Steam

Rocket League is a hit sport and racing production. Its creators were apparently tempted by Epic Games because they decided to take a very strange step. Although the Rocket League game disappears from Steam, it will also switch to a completely free distribution model. Rocket League won the recognition of many players and critics, but no one expected such a bizarre decision by the developers.

Is Epic Games Store wins over Steam?

The great war is still going on. Epic Games Store promotes its platform with a lot of freebies changed every week (even hits like GTA V), sales, coupons, and investing in creators. After all, many developers have decided to abandon Valve’s most popular digital distribution platform, Steam. Instead, some games are released exclusively on EGS. While such decisions are almost always controversial, in this case we are talking about a truly debatable practice.

Rocket League not on Steam 

Yes, you read that right – Psyonix, the creators of the award-winning sports and racing game Rocket League, decided to withdraw their production from Steam. Apparently they were tempted by the Epic Games proposal. The decision looks extremely controversial and it is very possible that it will echo in the gaming industry – after all, hardly any creator cuts the distribution of their product in favor of another model. And it is when it comes to the model itself that Rocket League will switch to free-to-play at the same time.

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We’re guessing that Rocket League’s Steam sales could jump up powerfully in the coming days. After all, many enthusiasts of Valve’s platform have long argued that they “will never buy anything from EGS.” Still, for all willing players (PC only), the game will be free from “this summer”. It was also ensured that full cross-play cross-play will be supported, also between EGS and Steam users.