Ronaldinho has been released from prison after 32 days

Ronaldinho has been released from prison 

The former Brazilian football star Ronaldinho was under house arrest in a hotel in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. Eventually, Ronaldinho has been released from prison on a court order on Monday after nearly five months in prison.

Police in Paraguay has arrested Ronaldinho and his brother for entering the country with fake passports. The World Cup star has been in jail and under house arrest for five months since then.

Ronaldinho was released by a Paraguay judge on Monday. However, the former Brazilian superstar was not completely saved. He has to pay a fine of two lakh dollars (one crore 80 lakh in Bangladeshi rupees). Ronaldinho is one of the members of the team that won the World Cup in Brazil in 2002. He was also named FIFA World Player of the Year twice.

He was a midfielder but also great at forwarding or wing. Goal-like shots, eye-catching dribbles, perfect passes with the address of the goal were his features. If he got the ball on his feet, he would become the terror of the opponent. At that time, many experts put him on the list of the best footballers of all time.

Ronaldinho has played for Barcelona and FC. AC Milan has spread the magic of football on the field. He has also been seen playing in several clubs. In 2015, he played his last competitive match. During that time he played 441 matches for different clubs and scored 17 goals. He scored 56 goals in 135 matches for the country.

Incidentally, Ronaldinho was invited by a local organization to promote his autobiography. Ronaldinho arrived in Paraguay with his brother on March 4. To work as his brother Ronaldinho’s business manager. But two days later, the police arrested the former football star and his brother. Allegedly, they entered Paraguay with fake passports.

At first, they were kept in high-security jail for 32 days. Ronaldinho celebrated his 42nd birthday inside the prison. They were then locked up in a luxury hotel. Earlier, they paid ৬ 1.8 million in bail. On Monday, the judge said Ronaldinho and his brother would now be able to return to Brazil quickly.


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