Home Android Roposo the Indian TikTok with 500,000 downloads per hour

Roposo the Indian TikTok with 500,000 downloads per hour

Roposo the Indian TikTok with 500,000 downloads per hour

Roposo the Indian TikTok with 500,000 downloads per hour

While 58 Chinese apps have been banned in India, their counterparts are taking the opportunity to gain as many new users as possible, including Roposo, a TikTok imitation. At the start of the month, we saw a peak of 22 million downloads in India in 48 hours for Roposo. Roposo The Indian TikTok gets nearly 500,000 downloads per hour! Analysts estimate that by the end of the month, almost 100 million downloads for Roposo will have been made, double the number of users before banning.

It’s not good to be a Chinese company right now. After Huawei, which has drawn the wrath of the Trump administration, it is now Tiktok and 58 other Chinese applications that are banished from the massive Indian territory. This ban had consequences for 200 million users in India among the 500 million Internet users who make up the country. If in the United States, we are still on rumors of a ban on TikTok, it is now official for India.

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Citing security reasons (an argument that is being heard more and more now about TikTok all over the world and for other Chinese companies), India has therefore blocked access to dozens of ‘Middle Empire applications. But it didn’t take long before their Indian counterparts exploded on the Play Store and the App Store. And the star of the stars at this little game is Roposo, the Indian competitor of the number 1 app for youth: TikTok.

“The combined effects of the coronavirus and the ban on these applications represent an opportunity like we have never had, and will never have again,” indicates the analysis Manjunath Bhat of the middle of the startups that develop mobile apps. “We have a chance to become the world’s fourth technology hub, after the United States, China and Russia,” points out Naveen Tewari, founder of the startup that owns Roposo surveyed by Bloomberg.

It is, therefore, sure that with a boulevard open as never before, and with almost half a billion potential users, Indian apps will acquire unprecedented popularity in the country and supplant their Chinese equivalents and benefit the economy.

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