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Run WhatsApp on multiple devices

Run WhatsApp on multiple devices

Run WhatsApp on multiple devices

Today, WhatsApp, which we use frequently for messaging, continues to progress every day we leave behind. As you know, we could only use one account on WhatsApp on one phone. The feature that many of us are waiting for comes next. With this new feature, you can run WhatsApp on multiple devices will be possible from now on.

A short time ago wabetaınfo according to a report published in tropism, WhatsApp is testing a feature that will enable them to use the same WhatsApp users currently account in up to four devices.

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With the new feature, users can now use a single WhatsApp account while using multiple devices. All added devices can be seen from the connected devices section to be added to the settings section and the desired phones can be added and removed.

You will be able to simply connect your WhatsApp account to your phone number with the code that will come as an SMS. This feature of WhatsApp is not available to beta users for now, but it is thought that the feature will be offered to beta users soon. Although it is not known exactly when this feature will be released publicly, the future tests may be released shortly after the future update, after the beta tests have been successfully completed.

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