Samira The Rose of the Desert New LoL Character

Samira The Rose of the Desert New LoL Character

League of Legends LoL introduces a new character named Samira The Rose of the Desert. This is another character released this year. I must admit that the dev team of League of Legends is doing extremely well and throws new heroes into the game at an express pace. Admittedly, their ideas do not end there too, because the newest character is extremely innovative.

According to official information, the newest character in League of Legends is called Samira. Interestingly, the leaks from 2 weeks ago about her appearance and potential skills were proven. The new character is a combination of Dante from Devil May Cry and Demon Hunter from Diablo III. Admittedly, it’s quite unconventional, but Samira’s gameplay skills are amazing.

So let’s take a look at Samira’s skills. Keep in mind that they may still change with the official release of the champion to the game.

Daredevil Impuls – passive ability

Samira makes a combo by hitting her Basic Attacks or Abilities. Each of them increases her STYLE rating (ratings from “E” to “S”, a total of 6). Samira gets an X% attack speed for each rating. Samira’s melee attacks deal bonus magic damage, increasing based on the enemy’s missing health.

Samira’s attacks against immobilized enemies will knock them up for 0.5 seconds and deal damage in 6 separate attacks. Samira is now moving within the range of her targets, which were previously just outside of the range.


Flair – skill assigned to the Q key

Samira fires a shot, dealing X physical damage to the first enemy hit. If Flair is used against an enemy within melee range, Samira slashes the enemy with her sword, dealing physical damage. Each hit with a skill can get a critical status, dealing with a bonus of 25% damage. If used during “Wild Rush”, Samira will hit all enemies in her path.

Blade Whirl – skill assigned to the W key

Samirah makes cuts by spinning for 1 second. Slashing deals physical damage to enemies and allows you to destroy enemy missiles.

Wild Rush – skill assigned to the E key

Samirah moves towards or through the enemy, slashing enemies. Deals magic damage and grants a 30% attack speed for 3 seconds.
Eliminating an enemy resets the cooldown of skills.

Inferno Tigger – the ultimate skill assigned to the R key

Samira can only use this skill when her STYLE rating is “S”. Samira launches a stream of shots from her gun, firing 10 times in 2 seconds at enemies around her. Each shot deals a certain amount of physical damage and steals life from its victims. This skill’s arrows can deal critical damage.


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