Samsung could end the Note series by 2021

Samsung could end the Note series by 2021

Unfortunately, for fans of the Note series, get ready to say goodbye to him. Indeed, according to a report from Korea, Samsung could end the Note series by 2021. The report claims that Samsung will have three models of Galaxy S21 next year. One will be the base model Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 +, and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

A Galaxy S21 Ultra with an S Pen?

The names aren’t exactly new, but what would be new is that the Ultra model would wear an S Pen. Assuming the report is correct, that would be a rather controversial decision. Considering the number of fans of the Note series. There have been rumors in the past that suggested a merger. Aside from the S Pen, the two devices typically sport nearly identical hardware. Would a merger be such a dramatic thing?

Take this with a grain of salt for now. Nothing is certain yet. It’s all about rumors and leaks. Samsung has not yet spoken. So nothing is confirmed. We can’t wait to see where it all takes us.

Every year, without fail, Samsung presents two flagship smartphones per year. One of them is the Galaxy S series, and the other is the Galaxy Note series. The latter launched the “phablet” trend which allowed us to have phones with large screens. The Samsung Galaxy Note range includes all very high-end Android devices, with a large screen and stylus sold by Samsung.

This has multiple functions: note-taking, screenshot, remote phone control, etc. Galaxy Note often has comparable performance to Galaxy S. They are recommended phones for people working in offices and often having to take notes.


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