Samsung Exynos 9925 Chipset with AMD Graphics Adapter

Samsung Exynos 9925 Chipset will get a very productive AMD GPU

Samsung is preparing to release a new flagship model Samsung Galaxy, which will receive the flagship 5-nanometer chipset Exynos 2100 and now it has become known that the company is also developing new chipsets, one of which will use a powerful video core manufactured by AMD. This was made possible by an agreement between AMD and Samsung that regulates the production of chipsets using AMD graphics adapters.

Samsung Chipset with AMD GPU

The first chipset with an AMD graphics adapter is expected to be the Samsung Exynos 9925. The graphics adapter that will be used in this chipset will be based on the RDNA architecture, which runs the latest AMD graphics solutions. It is expected that over time, Samsung may completely abandon Mali graphics adapters in favor of AMD’s solutions due to better performance and energy efficiency of the latter.

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It is unknown at this time when we will see the first smartphones with Exynos 9925, as the company’s closest flagships will receive the Exynos 2100 chipset, which will use Mali graphics. Most likely, the first smartphones with this chipset will be announced no earlier than the second half of next year. It is possible that we will see in the first place not even smartphones, but tablets Galaxy Tab S8 with this powerful processor.