Samsung Galaxy Note 20 price and release date

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Features, Price and Release Date

Samsung is one of the most recognized manufacturers in the smartphone industry. The design and performance of its products have won the loyalty of many users around the world. They are therefore millions of people on the lookout for the latest products put on the market by this manufacturer.

For the time being, it is the next release of the Galaxy Note 20 which is attracting all attention. Lovers of the South Korean brand are getting impatient and speculation is rife about the date of availability of this little wonder. Predictions are not lacking either on the specifics of the product. Here is a brief point of everything that is being said about the Galaxy Note 20.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Release Date: August 5, 2020

Due to the health crisis triggered by covid19, the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 will be an online event. At least that’s what should be remembered from the official press release from the manufacturer. This ceremony is scheduled to be held normally on August 5, 2020.

All Samsung enthusiasts sincerely hope that the famous Galaxy Note 20 will finally be unveiled on this occasion. But for the moment no details have yet been given on this subject. As for the exact date of its placing on the market, the suspense remains intact.

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The rumors rather evoke August 21, that is to say shortly after the probable official presentation. Fans are therefore crossing their fingers that all these probabilities are confirmed. For those who would like more information, a complete file on the Galaxy Note 20 is already available.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Samsung drops clues

It all started with an image published on the official website of the manufacturer itself. We see a smartphone hitherto unknown to the general public. Leak or communication blow? What is certain, this publication, a priori unfortunate, has revived the debates on the future product Samsung. All the sites specializing in speculation are involved, each going from its analyzes. From all that has been said so far about the Galaxy Note 20 we retain the following characteristics:

  • High-end product.
  • 2 versions available (Note 20 and Note 20+),
  • Possessor Exynos 992 (engraved in 6 nm),
  • Compatible with 5G technology,
  • 16 and 12 GB RAM,
  • Stylus at the top of the slab,
  • Volume and power on the left,
  • Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor,
  • Curved screen.

These are the most likely specificities of the Galaxy Note 20 since they are relayed by almost all reliable sources.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: similarities to the Galaxy S20 Ultra?

According to the overlaps, it is very likely that the Galaxy Note 20 has an air of déjà vu on certain points. Its cameras would have the same characteristics as the S20 ranges, in particular the x100 zoom. The screen size may well coincide with that of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Rumors speak of devices varying between 6.4 and 6.8 inches. The definitions are estimated between 404 and 497pp, with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The Galaxy Note 20 would also have the same type of battery as the S20.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Price 

This is one of the aspects that most interest future users. At what price will this future technological marvel be sold? Regulars of the brand know roughly what to expect from a premium product like this. If nothing is certain yet on this side, analysts nevertheless establish a price range. The presence of a 5G modem could increase the value of the Galaxy Note 20. It can be worth a little over 1000 euros, 1500 AUD, 192000 PKR, 85000 INR. The next few weeks will certainly provide more information.